Monday, December 31, 2007

the dance we shared

Happy New Year's Eve!

So I officially weighed for the Easter Challenge this morning. 239.0. Big Ugh. Are you kidding me? Nope. It's true. I realized that I really have no idea how my weight has fluctuated as I kept this blog, only that this is my highest. In the spirit of all those great cable tv countdowns and yearly summaries that I am unable to watch (did you all know I don't have cable?), I decided to do a month by month blog summary of 2007.

February: I am a runner. I am respectful to my body. I am honest. I'm still working on it. I started running C25K. I had a great ephiphany about loving myself as I am today, not as I will be in the future.

March: I won a spelling bee at work. I had a tantrum over a magazine. I read a book. I made my first trip to Kansas. I ran and then I stopped running. I had a binge, started (but never finished) the Beck Diet Solution, and weighed 226 (after doing the math today because of vagueness then). I also took a lot of food pictures.

April: I officially stopped running. I went to Weight Watchers, had yet another awe-inspiring weight loss (lots of sarcasm there) , got a new car, and had a rant about points and serving sizes. I was interviewed by Fat Bridesmaid and had a successful weigh-in.

May: I wrote the post that entertained me the most, my jeans were loosey-goosey. I began a job search, had a ton of wedding guests, and learned that my grandfather has cancer. I realized that my beauty is an optical illusion. I quit my job and gained my 5 pounds back. I gave some of my weight loss success history, and we went to Asheville (where I "totally stuffed my face all weekend").

June: I went back to Weight Watchers and created my mission statement. I began the purging of my stuff. My whole family went to Kansas. I started a new job and had a successful weigh-in. I weighed 221.8.

July: I made a weight loss plan. I listened to my favorite sermon ever. We saw Nickel Creek. We found our new house. I had a boob ephiphany and made another weight loss plan. I weighed 225.4.

August: I bragged on my amazing husband. We sold our house and found a new one. I posted a Love List (complete with ephiphany). Our air conditioning went out. Work got difficult. We prepared for the move. I voiced my life coach dream. I obviously quit weighing myself here.

September: We moved. Very stressful. And we had severe phone issues (with new construction) so we had no internet.

October: Nathan posted for me! I made my 30-in-30 plan (another plan that was a huge embarrassing failure.) We saw Nickel Creek in Asheville (did I seriously not blog about this?), in Louisville, and Lexington. I found my weight loss motivation. I made more running plans that I did not keep to, and I did not weigh at all.

November: I turned 30. We celebrated 30. I took a lot of Thanksgiving pictures. I made a Christmas Plan (which fell flat before I even shared it).

December: We had an awesome trip to Asheville. I made sausage balls. Christmas! Priorities (including job hunt already). Resolutions. Weight of 239.0

What have I learned?

  • When I blog every day, and am honest with my blog friends, I lose weight. (As in 5 pounds in April).
  • How many times can I say I want to be a runner but I sit on my butt?
  • If I stick with Weight Watchers, I LOSE WEIGHT.
  • I make a lot of plans, and then I do nothing with them.
  • We really love Nickel Creek.
  • I take a lot of pictures.

Well, that's 2007. Here's to 2008!


Anonymous said...

2008 is a new beginning. I think it is good to look back and reflect on what happened this past year. You can learn from it. You are going to kick butt this year!

Linds said...

Just checking out your blog! I'm in Shannon's Easter Challenge too! Loved the recap of 2007! Just wanted to comment on the running... I hear yah! I see all those runners out there running with ease... I try the c25k, and it's friggen hard! Those runners have smiles on their faces, and I'm sucking wind so hard, and my face is the colour of a beet! Hmmmm... maybe 2008 will be my year when I can finally run?

Best of luck!! Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Great 2007 re-cap. I know that when I blog frequently I lose weight as well.

Saweetie-Carleen said...

I loved your re-cap, when I blog I loose to, when I follow WW I lost too!! lets keep it going!!!

take Care and all the best in the challenge