Friday, December 21, 2007

three for the Hebrew children

Well, it's vacation day #1! I am up to my elbows in Sausage Balls. Literally. 10 and a half dozen. Man, they are awesome.

I just realized I forgot to get Nate a Christmas card. I've looked several times, but they are just too sappy. I guess I'm getting out the construction paper and making my own. (Sorry, Nate.)

We finished viewing #1 of A Christmas Story, and all I have to say is, "Only I didn't say fudge..." We just got a call from Nate's brother in Tennessee. It appears that he is having some stomach issues, thus is not coming in tonight. So Kent is coming over and bringing pizza and beer. Oh yeah.

But now I'm thinking of the dinner I have planned for tomorrow (pork loin, honeyed carrots, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing) and hoping it's not a bust. We go home on Sunday. What will I do with all that food? It's just trama from the New Year's Weekend we had planned several years ago that everyone backed out of. I will have a big dinner tomorrow regardless. And it will be awesome!


Aimee said...

Thanks for the recipe! I've been looking for something easy to make. These will be perfect to take with me to visit family on Christmas. :)

PS, I LOVE A Christmas Story! Randy and Ralphie look just like my brothers when they were younger. LOL!!! My brother David even had the black rimmed glasses and kinda acted the same. :) Cracks me up every time I watch it.

Merry Christmas!


Hooray for vacation!! I'm off until Wednesday so I haven't changed out of my PJs for two whole days. Good times.

I can't STAND "A Christmas Story" so instead I've been watching "It's A Wonderful Life"and crying like at the end when his brother says, "To my big brother George -- the richest man in town!" Pathetic, but true.

Merry Christmas Sweets!