Thursday, May 10, 2007

you're my satellite...

I am exhausted and anxious. Despite those things, I am still hungry.

Last night was a whirlwind. Today I get to work until 6:30 and then drive 3 hours to be with my family during my grandfather's exploratory surgery (they found some cancer last week). Around 4 today, the family-in-law is starting to arrive at my house for brother-in-law's wedding on Saturday. That meant a lot of cleaning. Tomorrow after the surgery I drive 3 hours back for the rehearsal dinner and then wedding weekend has officially began.

Oh yeah, last night was a whirlwind. I needed to be wedding ready. So I got a haircut. I'm a sucker for before and after pics, so this is yesterday:

And this is today. (I colored my hair last night too...just a little lighter).

My toes also looked pathetic so I got a pedicure. Yes, I am aware that the color totally blends in with my dress is a sort of coral color, so I thought it was important to go neutral.

My house is clean, I'm packed, and I'm nervous. I'm nervous to drive alone, I haven't done it in years. I'm nervous that Papaw will be really sick and I'll have to decide between being with my family and my married-into-family. I'm most afraid taht the news will be bad, and I'll have to deal with it without Nathan.

But, as I press everything down and continue some sense of denial, I will share my epiphany.

I now know why Nathan thinks I'm pretty.

I am an optical illusion.

While taking my "before haircut" picture yesterday, I tried to take it in the mirror. At eye level. I looked terrible. All puffy and neckless and round faced...or just round in general. I was getting pretty upset. But then I decided to take it from arms length. Somehow the camera magically gravitated up and tah-dah! I don't look grotesque in the picture. I look strikingly different if I am photographed from eye level versus above. I have never before been thankful for being short, but I will forever be thankful now.

I'm glad Nathan is tall. I hope the photographer at the wedding is tall as well.

Oh, and the dude I interviewed with last week called last night and said he had some unforseen events, and he wants me to come in for a group interview next week. That is very exciting!

Food choices? I'm not even going to go there.

It'll probably be Sunday night before I post again, but I will keep you all updated.


jeannie* said...

I hope everythings ok with your grandfather.

Hang in there, and hopefully youll be able to unwind with a fun wedding weekend!

Your hair and toes look great :)


Happy thoughs and good luck with everything this weekend. PS. The hair? So fabulous I can't even find the words.

Aimee said...

I'll be thinking about you. I hope all is well with your grandfather and that you make it safely in both directions. I love your hair, but the one thing that always strikes me when I see your picture is your eyes. You have the prettiest eyes of anyone I know. Very striking! Oh and as for the whole camera angle thing.... I learned last October the same thing you did... from above makes all sorts of things disappear. LOL! I never take a straight on picture anymore. My nose it crooked (should have listened to my mom when I was younger about not pushing my nose to the side. LOL!) so I always try to go from above and to the side. Ah, the things we do. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Remeber with Jesus we CAN do what we can't. Nathan is a treasure and you guys go together so completely!! Enjoy your time with your family....use the drive to listen to your favorite sermons or music.....and give that Luke a great big hug from me and tell him I'm so proud of him!!! I sure wish Roger and I could be there. We miss you guys tons. You and Nathan, Jessica and Trevor, and was there anyone else in that group? Well you guys the most but don't tell anyone!!
You're eyes....well fat bridesmaid said it all.... they are incredible, and Nathan thinks your pretty because you're beautiful. I've seen you at all sizes and you are beautiful at them all. It's who you are in your soul that makes you beautiful and it comes right through your big eyes!!!

Go have a great weekend!!!

lainb said...

people definitely look better when pictures are taken from above. When I have my picture taken head-on, one nostril looks larger than the other! haha