Tuesday, May 1, 2007

its how we operate

It's boring being sick and not going to work for 2 days. This is where boredom gets me.

Anatomy of a Sick Day
(just add "and blew my nose and coughed a lot" to each statement)

First, I had breakfast.

Then I got my necessary aids for the day.

So I got out my iPod and started listening to sermons. I am loving the "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" series from Rob Bell's Mars Hill. Scully helped me. (Not the greatest quality...the pic is from my cell phone.)

Then I had lunch. Yum. (I also ate a Fiber 1 bar. The jello just didn't do it for me.)

I took a shower. The shower was disgusting. I often take baths, and Nathan is blind until he puts his contacts in, so its really no one's fault. So the I cleaned the shower.

Then, it was back upstairs where I listened to more sermons on our iPod player-thingy. My ears were getting sore from the headphones.

Then I decided to watch Dr. Phil in our spare room. (Notice bunny ear antenna on tv. Very high tech, we are.)

Then I decided I needed some popcorn to go with Dr. Phil.

Then I decided that Dr. Phil has pretty much joined the rank of other talk shows that sometimes appear to make fun of people. So I decided that I would wash dishes to get ready for dinner. I put in my favorite dish washing playlist, Matt Wertz. I only got through 2 songs, though. Not a lot of dishes.

Nathan came home! Then I fixed dinner. This is a favorite from my childhood. Toast, cheese and egg(beaters). I added some Healthy Choice sausage.

Then I wrote in my WW journal and realized I still have 6 points left for the day. So I made muffins.

And I plan to spend the rest of the day right here:

Watching That 70's Show and American Idol.

Tomorrow I must go back to work. Snot and all.

Oh, and Annie answered her interview questions from me. Check them out here.


Sarah said...

Yes! Another Matt Wertz fan! Do you like Dave Barnes as well? Have you heard of Andy Davis?