Wednesday, December 26, 2007

home for the holidays

I am almost done with the fluff posts. I am working on a plan to reinvent my thinking. This means getting my health under control and getting my overall priorities in order. I've got some things written down, but I am reading and writing to solidify my plan, which will be unveiled on (of course) New Years Eve. However, I am not waiting that long to be "good." My sugar detox begins tomorrow. I have been bad. Bad in cooking. Bad in eating. (And there are many recipes here that prove it.)

But back to the fun of Christmas. We returned to our house today, after having Nate's family here on Saturday, and splitting then to now between our parents. It cracks me up how different our families are. Mine loud and obnoxious and not well-behaved. His generally civilized. I'll just show you highlights.
Our Christmas Tree

Dad's Outrageous Christmas Cake 2007
(yes, it lights up)

Mom and Dad's New Cat, Stella. She's crazy. And mean. But so cute!

Christmas Eve + Hair Pick + Nathan = Bob Ross

Mom and Dad got us bikes!

The Carr Kids and Spouses

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


marie said...

A cake that lights up? Seriously?

LOVE the new bikes. So awesome!
Your family is adorable too.
Glad you had a great Christmas!


1. That cake rules.
2. I love the Bob Ross look Nate.
3. I'm going to steal your bike because it's so super pimp.
4. I would like to marry your super hot single brother so we can be sisters. Cool?