Saturday, April 7, 2007

hold me closer, Tony Danza

I'm back!

The last few days have been great! We had an amazing dinner at Kent's on Thursday night. Shrimp (bang! bang! sauce!), sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and pineapple on the grill. Yumm. (Pictures to come when I get the pics off the camera.) Friday's highlight was Nathan killing his library test. Go Nate!

I went to Weight Watchers on Friday. I lost a whopping .6 pounds. Whooptie. I knew I had been watching for a few weeks, so I didn't expect the typical week 1 loss. Oh well. I am very impressed with my attitude so far, though. I'm not discouraged. I'm just motivated to exercise more this week. I really think that my attitude and encouraging self-talk are helping me stay on track. Nate's mom fixed Easter dinner last night, and I had one pretty small plate. She was going to cook a big breakfast this morning, but I fixed and split a banana peanut-butter wrap with Ralph's granddaughter. And, as we speak, I am not eating one of Dad's homemade waffles. I'm just not hungry. And I don't feel cheated or angry. Go me!

I found an Easter dress on Thursday. It still came from Lane Bryant. The fat store. But I decided it was more important to buy a dress that fit instead of buying a dress that I was uncomfortable in. I'll also be able to wear it to Luke's wedding. It's a wraparound dress, so it'll be a little more wearable than the typical dress as I continue to shrink. I'm sure I'll post Easter pics.

I'll be spending today in the kitchen. I'm going to make chicken salad for the big Easter dinner tomorrow. It'll be nice to know exactly how many points are in something. I'm sure I'll eat other things too, but at least with my chicken salad, I'll know. Then Mom and I are making stewed tomatoes. Dad is making spinach dip in a bread bowl and other random loaves of bread. I am so excited. I love being in the kitchen. And tonight is Mom's spaghetti. It is so good. I'll count it, don't worry.

It's nice to be at home with the parents and the brothers. Zak's in from Kansas and Nick is here before work. I feel like a kid again.

Have a happy Easter!


Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

(sorry I deleted the first comment. I re-read it and realized I left out some words. LOL! It's been a long day!) Anyway....

Congratulations on the loss Krissie! I know. .6 isn't what you were hoping for, but you have a good attitude about it. I haven't been losing what I think I should be either. I groan and moan about it, and then I'm over it. LOL! It will all work itself out eventually somewhere along the way. I guess the thing is to just keep on going. :)
I'm making stuff to take to my parents house tomorrow for Easter too. I'm pretty lucky to have a mom who is a lifetime member, so I know she's not going to have a bunch of high point things there. When people go to her house, they know they'll be eating low point stuff. LOL! Now my dad on the other hand is a different story. LOL! He'll be getting out the peanuts and cheeze nips along with who knows what else (my mom makes him keep things stashed so she won't get into them) LOL! I'm sure I'll do fine though. That's smart of you to make something so you'll know the points in it. It's a holiday, so enjoy your family and if you want a little of something you don't get very often, go ahead and have a little bit. I'm sure you already know all of this anyway. :) I hope you have a great time!

Happy Easter!