Wednesday, May 16, 2007

you'd painted flowers on

I can't think of anything in recent memory that has felt better than this:

In accordance with personnel policy VI:A, I am submitting four-week notice of my intention to leave my current position with the Children’s Program.I will complete my employment four weeks from today, at the close of business on Thursday, June 14, 2007.

Yay resignation letter to be turned in tomorrow!

Tonight has been a skank of a night for reality tv. ANTM. Jaslene? Seriously? Renee was old? Whatever. I cannot believe that Melinda is gone. I am the biggest Blake fan out there, but I really thought it would be Melinda and one of the young ones. Wow. It's gonna be an awesome finale.

I scared an old man at the convenient store yesterday. I went in to get my usual Starbucks drink only to discover that they are now carrying a larger size. Like a double-sized drink. With a groan, I said out loud, "Bad News Bears." The man gave me a strange look and walked away. Surely you all catch my reference.

I stepped on the scale at work today. Supposedly I have gained back all 5 of the pounds I lost in 10 days. I'm really hoping it's wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's right.

So my list of things to do is huge. So much floating around in my head. New job, finding a house, yard sales, weddings...And, strangely enough, all I want to do is run. Literally. Put on my green running shoes and go.

Maybe I'll give that another shot tomorrow...before Grey's Anatomy!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your comment!! nice to meet you too!! glad to see theres someone who is as much reality tv freak as me haha..i was kinda pissed about jaslene too!! and i definetly thought melinda would take the whole thing, well good luck blake,i guess!
p.s. i hope the scale was lying to you!..and if its not, lets just pretencd it is! :-)


Jaslene? Ick. Renee was way better.

katieo said...

LOVE Blake Lewis.
He's gonna with it all with Melinda gone!

I'll cross my fingers for you that scale was outta whack! (i had to put my scale up on a shelf this week.)

Annie said...

lol well I have no idea about the TV show you are refering to, but I do know all about lying scales!! :)
Just keep in mind that they (the almighty and omnipotent 'they') say that it is best to weight yourself on the same scales and around the same time of day, just to get the most accurate reading possible. With that in mind, I call every other scale but my own a liar liar pants on fire. LOL So don't worry about the work scales they are probably fibbers. :D

Anonymous said...

haha... it seems no one wanted jaslene to win. Renee was definitely the better choice (heck, I would have taken the Russian too). Oh well... we have Canada's next top model starting soon, so I am hoping for some good t.v.!