Wednesday, October 3, 2007

3(0) is the magic number

My loving husband Nathan will be posting my posts for me for a while. You gotta love my husband and his willingness to take the flashdrive to the library on his lunch hour.

The move was not bad. We got packed, moved, and mostly unpacked in a very timely fashion. But then things went awry. First, our phone/internet capabilities are somehow defective. So we are paying for phone and internet, but have no way to access it. I guess that’s the beauty of having a brand new home. And then Tuesday morning, we get up to rain in our kitchen. Not on our house or around our house, but in our house. (And it hasn’t rained in Kentucky for a long time.) Today is much better. We are dry, the floors are fine, but we still have no internet. Groan.

We live in such a cool home in such a cool part of town. We have so many places to walk. When I am able, I will post pictures.

I realized today that my birthday is in a month. A big birthday. The big 3-0. At first I thought I might just ignore it and treat it like any other birthday. I mean, seriously. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that on my 30th birthday I’d be fat and childless, I would have died. But I have to accept where I am. I will not beat myself up for where I have let myself get to. However, I do not have to accept the person I am as the person I will continue to be in my 30s. And, for that reason, I have developed the “I’ll be 30 in 30 Days Plan.” (Here on referred to as “30 in 30.”) I have 30 days to shape my behavior to be healthier in my 30s. I am focusing on being a well-rounded person, not just physically. And here is the plan.

Over the next 30 days, I will do the following:

I will eat 30 Points a day. (My actual WW target is 28, but I’ll just throw in flexies to keep with the theme.)

I will exercise 30 minutes a day.

I will only watch an average of 30 minutes of tv a day.

I will spend $30 (and only $30) over the “30 in 30” on lunches and snacks during my work day.

I will spend 30 minutes a day in Bible reading and prayer.

I will listen to 30 sermons over the month.

I will write 30 cards or letters to people I care about.

I am embracing 30! Bring on November 3rd!!


Aimee said...

It's great to see a post from you! Sorry to hear about your house raining on the inside and the whole internet thing.

I think your plan for working through the days to your birthday is a good one. I also think it's cool that we share a birthday, but I'll be the big 34. LOL! Don't stress over it. It's just a number really. I stressed over mine, it happened and the next day life continued on. :) Good for you though to want to do better for when the day does arrive though.

Can't wait until you get your internet up and we can see pics of your new place. You have such a cool husband to post for you. :) Thanks Nathan!


I love this idea! Welcome back! We all missed you like CRAZY!

Jenifer said...

Yay! I missed you! Whew, you're really getting old... I don't know anyone who is turning 30, say exactly 4 months after you.... Hi Nate!