Monday, November 26, 2007

hop high my LuLu girl

My Extended Thanksgiving Weekend...In Pictures.

Walking up to where my brother is putting his new house (on my parents' property).

We started a spirit tree with Ale-8 Bottles.
Nate and Zak picked a good spot to rest.
Krissie's angels!
The Boys and Spouses
Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like Guitar Hero.
Or maybe the real thing...
The Carr Kids (and Spouses).
Can you guess which ones are my siblings?
Day after Thanksgiving Snow at Nate's Mom's

Then we came home and I got a new chair!
Thanks early Santa!
The Pre-Diet Feast:
Mom's Chicken Rice Soup, Derby Pie, and Pino Noir.
Hope yours was as nice!
(I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures of our lunch Sarah!)


marie said...

LOVE your chair!

awesome pics. Looks like a great time and a wonderful family :)


Love the chair, love the snow, LOVE the hot boys!

Anonymous said...

You know Krissie I never want to live where it so cold it could snow ever ever ever again. But you pictures made my heart ache (for a split second) for Kentucky. It's over though, heart is back to normal.
I loved the pictures!!