Sunday, July 29, 2007

we all break the same

This has been a great weekend.

We went and looked at houses today. This one is the front runner. It has an awesome fitness room, with weight machines and free weights and everything AND a walking/running trail. Did I mention a nice pool that I want to lay beside next summer in an un-embarrassed fashion? Now we just need our house to sell...

We are also getting stuff ready for the yardsale. The World's Longest Yardsale runs literally right in front of our house. So we're gonna put some stuff out. Very exciting. So exciting, in fact, that Rachael Ray mentioned it in her latest magazine. The restaurant she talked about is about 3 miles from my house. (There was no link to it on her page. I tried.)

The good thing about having our house on the market? It's always clean. So when we're going to have a lot of company for the yardsale, there's no bonus cleaning to do!

I am actually partly proud of my eating today. Starbucks and banana, margherita pizza, (Mocha milkshake from Steak and Shake...good but not a wise choice), and an egg and cheese sandwich. All in all, apart from the milkshake, it was an awesome day.

Hope your weekend was good as well!


marie said...

ooooh! fitness room!

so how much stuff did you sell and how much junk did you collect from the sale? :P


Love the house and Lifestyle Communities! I'm looking at some of their housing complexes in Ohio...