Monday, October 22, 2007

tonight I'll lie in the wide open field

I do not know if I can explain to you how awesome last night was.

I'll tell you first that Nickel Creek once again said no to photography, but I snuck two pictures, without flash, and this is the best I could do.

So we had dinner at Panera with our dear friends from the Fudgery. And then we head to the theatre. Our seats were front row center. We laughed a lot at the opening/warm up comedian. And then Nickel Creek were on stage. Right in front of us. I could have touched Chris Thile or Sara several times, but I'm not a freak. So they play, and we are close enough to hear their banter, and Chris interacted with us a few times. Neat-o. They played all our favorites (House Carpenter, Helena, the Fox, Can't Complain) and ended the show. Of course, they came back out for an encore. They invited people to come and sit up on stage (hence the heads in front of us). We opted to stay in our front-row standing position. They played a few songs and then, out of no where, Chris Thile points at Nathan (my husband!) and says, "What do you want to hear?" Nathan responds quickly with Raggle Taggle Gypsy, a song they did with the Chieftans several years ago. It took them a while to figure it out, but they seemed impressed with his choice and made it through. They took a few other requests, but the Mandolin guy picked Nathan out of the crowd! Just awesome. (You can read a review here.)

The University of Kentucky paper (Kentucky Kernel) posted other pics today that are much better than mine.

In other news, this house stuff is really annoying me. I think I told you all how it rained in our kitchen, which resulted in trying to fix the ceiling, which was unsightly. So today they scraped and restomped the ceiling. It looks nice, but I cannot say the same for the huge (and I do mean very large) scuff mark on our kitchen wall. A big, black mark that will not scrub off. I guess that means that Mr. Repair Man (or the company that repairs our stuff) will be painting to have our wall repainted. And that's just what we can see in the horrible light (the light fixtures won't be put back in until tomorrow). Grrrr.

I am also slightly irritated about my birthday. I'm just a few more than single-digit days away from being 30. We had plans. We were going to drive about an hour, eat at a restaurant I really like, and shop. But we get an invitation to a party for family friends' of Nathan's 50th Wedding anniversary party on my birthday. (I know it's confusing, but I tried several times to phrase it better. Read it again if you need to.) No big deal. It's in the same town as my restaurant. What luck! We can shop earlier on, stop by the party, eat at my restaurant, drive home for some birthday alone time...We still had a great plan. I wasn't even thinking. They are family friends. We live between the family and the friends. So now we are having company (Nate's mom and boyfriend, Nate's brother, and wife). Going to the party together. Overnight guests.

I know I sound incredibly selfish. I guess I am. 30 is a big day. I was dreading it for a while, but then I decided to embrace it. A celebration of who I am and who I want to be. Sure, we can celebrate my birthday the next weekend, but then I'll be 30 and 7 days. I feel like we share big holidays with the families. And 5 times out of 7, birthdays and anniversaries and Valentine's Day falls during the week. I know nothing will change, I don't want to make a scene and change things, but I'm unhappy. I want my birthday! On my birthday!

I do sound really selfish, don't I?


Andrea Rory Finisen said...

I totally get it! You are not being selfish. I turn 30 this week and have been experiencing many of the same emotions as you. I know I have many committments and family parties to attend for holidays. For my birthday, I want to be selfish. I think my birthday should be about me!

Jenifer said...

YOU ARE NOT SELFISH! Whether it is a milestone birthday or not, your birthday is the one day out of the year that is just for you! Holidays are always spent with your family, which is nice, but on your birthday you should get to do whatever YOU want! We spend too much of our lives doing what we're obligated to do, or doing what makes others happy. And I love spending Christmas, etc. with my family. But on MY birthday, I get to call the shots! Whether people think it's selfish or not, you only actually get ONE day a year to be that way. You go girl! I love ya!


I get it. It's kind of a big deal. But since you can't do anything about it, I say celebrate at 30 years and seven days. It won't be quite the same but at least you'll still have a special alone day. Refocus on that and then rock out on that day.

Amuldoon said...

Not selfish at all missy... its your day!