Sunday, April 22, 2007

but it was just a paper bag

So my food plan for today? Didn't happen.

We got a grill today! We had burgers and corn and grilled onions. Very yummy. Nate's dad brought a big thing of fruit, and that was perfectly sweet. I know that one of my major roadblocks in my weight loss story is feeling like things are unfair. I feel that if everyone else can eat a certain way, then why can't I? I used to feel that way. I'm trying, today, to not feel that way, only make an observation.

At lunch, everyone but me ate 2 burgers. (Granted, I only wanted one.) We go to the Fudgery, since Nate's dad and brother are from out of town. I get a single scoop in a cup. Nathan gets a big milkshake. His dad gets a really big rootbeer float. His brother gets a double scoop on a cone. And which of us has weight issues? Yep. It's me!! Again, not bitter. Not angry. I ate to my satisfaction. Just making observations.

But what does make me angry? These. Morning Star Spinach and Artichoke Veggie Bites. Not the bites themselves, but the math behind them.

They look really good. And they taste REALLY good. Like they should be on a list of things I should not eat. That good. When we were in the store, I figured out the points. One point each. That sounded great. So I baked them, had them with some of our favorite spaghetti sauce, and I ate 4. I felt good about that.

Then I get out the calculator. Just to make sure.

1 little nugget thing is 1 point. 3 (suggested serving) is 4 points. But 4 nuggets, the number I ingested, is a whopping 6 points. SIX!!! Oh well. I'd seriously gone into flexies this weekend anyway. And they were really very very good. They were almost worth it. Had I had known, I would have stopped at 3.

Oh yeah, I seriously went into my weekly flex reserve. As in, 2 days into my week, I have used 18 of my 35 flex points. It has been really hard for me to get back on board this weekend. I think a big part of that was being so "bad" last week and losing my highest amount yet. I'm going to try really hard to get to the gym tomorrow. Just time on the treadmill and the bike. Nothing too extravagant.

Do I have a meal plan for tomorrow, you ask? Yes, yes, I do. And I'm right back on.

Breakfast (6):
Starbucks drink

Lunch (6):
Asian Salad (lettuce, turkey, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, asian viniagrette)

Snack (2):
Single serving popcorn

Dinner (10):
Cajun Shrimp (6)
Grilled red potatoes and onions (4)

I haven't gone grocery shopping for work this week, so I may have snack with the kids. I have 4 points left that I can use for that, if I want.
Everyone have a great Monday!!


Annie said...

Hi there! thanks for commenting, you're the first person to comment on my blog! :) was feelin' kind of lonely there for a moment! LOL
I'll have to back track through your previous posts, but good luck with weight watchers and I also look forward to reading about your success!

Amanda said...

Count the small victories! At least you're counting up all of those points instead of just pretending it didn't happen. If you need more points in the week, perhaps just try to earn some activity points.

I have to second you on the whole angry feeling about not getting to eat like everyone else. I'm ashamed to admit that it's almost brought me to tears once or twice. But to hear that you're getting over it is great. I think your strategy of just indulging a bit rather than depriving yourself is tops!


hey girl, way to go with the one scoop of ice cream thing. You've got more will power than me, that's for sure. I've got a weak spot for ice cream.

Can you do me a favor and shot me an email? I've got your interview questions ready... :)