Tuesday, July 31, 2007

see your face every place that I'm walkin'

So here it is. The dreaded scale picture. I honestly thought it would be worse. Thank you, Miranda, for offering the scale challenge. I challenge all y'all blog folk to do this. Show us your toes (in any state of repair) on your scale. With numbers on it, of course. How inspiring will it be to others to see those numbers go down?

I am honestly pleased with the color of my toes. After I got them done, the paint has a purple undertone that i don't like. But you can't see it in the picture. That makes me happy.

I also got up and did yoga this morning. I know. It's crazy. I also ate pretty well today. Banana, peanut butter and honey wrap for breakfast. South Beach Asian Chicken Wrap meal and mandarin oranges for lunch. Half a turkey sandwich and a small whole wheat bagel for dinner.

Wait, aren't I leaving out something very important?

You're going to think I'm lying to you.

But I am serious.

I did not have a Starbucks drink today.

Nor did I have caffeine in any other form (ICMocha, Pepsi, Coffe Ice Cream). Absolutely none.

I rock.

My headache is only minimal. I wouldn't even realize its a result of caffeine neglect.

I feel really, really good about how I have taken care of myself today. I expect days like this to come!

Rock on, bloggers. We'll make it.



Good girl! I'm so proud of you! Just think how exciting it'll be when you get a smaller number to photograph! And your toes look super cute. Kudos for giving up the caffeine too. I stopped having Starbucks (shock!) but I still have a cup of coffee at work each morning.

Aimee said...

Woohoo! You go girl! Maybe I'll start taking pictures of my scale. That is if I remember. I'm not usually awake when I weigh myself. LOL! I've gone through the whole caffeine headache thing, it sucks, but it will get better. :) Great job on your eating today, I'm proud of you! Oh and I love the color of your polish. Super cute! One day at a time! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

marie said...

you inspire me more than you know.

Sarah said...

I am going to do the scale challenge! I will at least take the picture on Friday morning when I am home. You are inspiring. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! And that banana/peanut butter/honey wrap sound delicious... I think I'll have to make me some of that...

Mindy said...

Good for you Krissi! You're an inspiration as always.