Thursday, July 5, 2007

this is all a game

Well, I am exhausted.

I'm having a hard time adding an hour commute each way to work and back. But I am having time to listen to great sermons.

I'm currently listening to a series about the roles of the Holy Spirit from Southland Christian Church. It's a church that Nathan and I used to go to, and we have some friends who still do. I get the podcasts from iTunes and really enjoy them. Anywho, the sermon and a half I listened to today spoke of how Jesus takes the following roles in our lives:

  • Counselor - always there, always listening, always guiding. Hover, His voice is not loud. We can get distracted by noise and not hear Him. What is noise in my life? Food, tv, spending money. I need to pare back. And that's what I'm trying to do.
  • Gardener - I really liked this imagery. We are in the process of being pruned, being refined, and sometimes we are pruned to a point of looking scraggly and thin in order to grow full and strong. We have to allow God time to transform us, just like our plants don't become beautiful overnight.
  • Attorney - When we are living in sin, the Holy Spirit has the role of persecutor to bring us to our honest selves through conviction. But as we are forgiven and work toward a holy life, Jesus becomes our defense attorney, as he paid our price and provided our pardon.
  • Surgeon - God took the broken pieces of my life and put me back together. Not with a magic wand that was clean and pretty and immediate. But like a surgeon, He continues to dig around in me and change me by taking out the bad stuff and sewing me back up. Great imagery.
  • I still have Scout, Postman, and River to listen to. All in all, good stuff.

I ate pretty well today. Starbucks and banana for breakfast. Apple and spinach salad for lunch. Black bean burger, corn, and Jell-o for dinner. I really wanted ice cream, but Nate didn't want to go. Thanks Nate!

You probably won't hear from me again until Sunday or Monday. We're headed to Washington Courthouse, Ohio for my friend Vanessa's wedding. I'm sure I'll have pics when we get back. I'm really hoping that over the weekend someone will come and look at the house. We're working hard enough to keep it clean and show-worthy! And when I get back, I'll start getting BookCrossing books out. Remember, if you want a book, email me your address!!

Still no exercise. And I watched some tv. But Grey's Anatomy is on and I'm not watching!

Have a great weekend!



let me know how the weekend goes... go buckeyes!

Token Fat Girl said...

Hey lady, thanks for the CD's I've been listening to nickel creek in the kitchen while I cook and clean! It reminds me of home!
Thank you for the taking the time to send that out to me.
I hope you are well and having a lovely weekend.

Aimee said...

Hey, you were only about an hour from where I live, maybe even less. :)

marie said...

you know, i think you're a bigger 'bucks freak than i am.

i bow before you. :P