Friday, March 2, 2007

precious, you are

Yay shoes! Well, kinda. They were on the porch when I got up this morning. The pair I really wanted didn't I sold them to Courtney and ordered a smaller size. They should be here tomorrow. But the pink normal crocs are so comfy...especially after the gym. Ahhhh...

Speaking of gym, not a good experience. (Tangent alert.) I really like Mariska Hargitay (the Law and Order SVU lady). I just think she is georgeous, and pulled off the short hair amazingly well, and just had a baby, the list goes on. So she was on the cover of last month's Self magazine that I never bought or read. I walk by the coat cubbies at the gym, and there is the magazine! I get about half way through it, to the article about her, and find that it is ripped out. What kind of heartless person tears the cover story out of a magazine? Even though I am sure there were amazing tidbits of personal growth information in there, I did not read any more of the magazine.

But I had an awesome setlist for my bikeride, thanks to my Alanis Gym Playlist (Not the Doctor, UR, A Man, Everything, You Oughta Know, Unprodigal Daughter, Uninvited, Crazy). Mostly post-angry introspective Alanis. It is good that today is a "rest day" according to my running plan, and I went to the gym anyway. I went because I wanted to go, not because I ate a big bowl of chili and a few bites of Nathan's ice cream at the Fudgery. It's good to feel good.

And, with that, I am going to bed at 9:51 pm to read more of Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis. I am really enjoying it so far. Ephiphanies await!