Thursday, March 1, 2007

hope for me yet

I am pretty impressed with my resolve to not pick on my body, and really impressed that I have generalized it to my spirit as well. I just finished yesterday's run. Just now. I just didn't feel like it yesterday. I was excited to run outside, but it was windy and colder than predicted, so we went out to eat and I just laid on the couch and watched 2 hours of America's Next Top Model. This is one of the times where before I would have quit and not ran again. I tend to have such extreme thinking, like if I didn't follow the running program to the letter, I wouldn't follow it at all. But I just ran today instead. Not a thought of quitting. Maybe that's because I've spent a fortune in running shoes and Nate would kill me if I quit. But whatever it is, it's working!

I won a spelling bee at work today. No big competition misspelled "genius."

The sermon I listened to yesterday talked about how we sing in order to be able to express our love to God in a way that speaking words can't do. That left me thinking about the songs I connect so much with my experience, My Savior's Love ("Let's sing #85 Papaw!"), In Christ Alone (preferably from Newsboy's Adoration cd), and so on. Today, in my car, I found a similar vibe from a song written as just a love song, that I have so often attached to Nathan. But today, I realized how much it speaks of God's love too.

If you could love someone like me, there's no end to the possibilities. Hopes and dreams push away the pain and regret. And loving you just lets me know there might be hope for me yet. (~Marc Broussard, Hope for me Yet)

In the times I wonder my worth, God knows. And who am I to question what God knows?

It's time for Wheat Chex, a shower, the Office, and a Grey's Anatomy repeat. And Nate home from class! And hopefully my crocs will get here soon...I know you're on the FedEx truck! Great night for me!