Monday, April 23, 2007

take the time to get to know me

So FatBridesmaid sent me my interview questions, and I love them! But first, here's how my eating day shaped up.

Breakfast, as always, as planned. The Asian salad was amazing. Then I had a Fiber 1 bar for a snack. We grilled cajun spiced shrimp, red potatoes, and I tried my hand at cheese grits. I did a pretty good job. Then I had a Healthy Choice Mocha bar and a small york peppermint patty. So today was a good day!

Now, on to the interview.

1. You and your husband, Nate, are adorable. How did you meet?

I actually met Nathan in middle school. My friends and I had gone to see the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Nate and his friends flirted with us by throwing popcorn. He insists, to this day, that he did not throw popcorn (and, reading over my shoulder, he also denies the flirting). He's not that big of a rebel. Then we became good friends in high school and kept in touch through college. We started dating our junior year in college (we were about an hour apart) and got married four years later. Excuse the picture quality...I took pictures of the pictures in a scrap book. First is high school graduation (sexy Kent!) and second is senior prom.

2. I'm a big fan of short hair and judging by the photos in your sidebar you chopped a good chunk of your hair off. What possessed youto give your hair the heave ho and how do you like it so far?

This isn't the first time I chopped my hair off. The first time, I did it so I could be Nathan for Halloween. Needless to say, I was much thinner then. This time, I decided to cut my hair because I was using it as an excuse. I hated it curly, and it took over an hour to straighten. I wouldn't go to the gym because I didn't want to mess up my hair or because it took so long in the morning, I didn't want to get up any earlier to go to the gym. I had so much hair, and it was so hot, that it pretty much stayed in a ponytail anyway. I LOVE my short hair. It's just wash and go. It is wonderful. Do I get to the gym as much as I thought I would? No.

3. One of my favorite things about your blog is that you insert a lotof pop culture references and water cooler banter. With that in mind,who do you think is going to win this cycle of America's Next TopModel (my money is on Renee) and dude, what's going on with McDreamy and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy?

I really wanted Jael to win ANTM. Now, I really don't know. I like Brittney, but she was such a pansy last week. As much as I hated the Russian chick, she's strarting to grow on me. What intitially came across as snobbishness and attitude I think is actually insecurity and a desire to fit in and be loved. I think she has a shot. And as far as Grey's goes, I don't mind them messing with Meredith and Derrick. I mean, they are finally showing more of their relationship than just sex, but their drama keeps the show going. I think they'll be fine. Although if the writers screw with Christina and Burke, I'll be very angry. They have to work. They are supposed to work. That's all I have to say about that.

4. What do you think is your biggest obstacle when it comes to losing weight?

My biggest obstacle is laziness. I know from experience that the only way I will lose weight is if I exercise consistently. I don't want to. I want to stay in bed in the mornings. I want to come home, eat, maybe do dishes, and watch tv. There is little in me that wants to be active. I know that all I have to do is exercise for a few days and then I'll get in the habit and I will feel soo much better, but I just can't make myself do it right now. I have a car to joyride around in!

5. You're married and I'm going to be a bridesmaid in about six months. Got any advice on how to keep The Bride happy?

My maid of honor was fabulous. She provided gentle guidance and reassurance. When I was paranoid that Nathan was not going to show or had left, she checked repeatedly to make sure he was still at the church. She assured me that, yes, the photographer was in the sanctuary and, yes, the favors were in place at the reception and, no, my dress was not tucked into my (bright blue) underwear. I asked a lot of questions, and none of them were stupid to her. She handled my paranoia with grace and peace. And she also thought of things that I was too excited to think about. Like, before pictures, she gracefully said, "It's kinda warm in here, do you want to freshen your makeup?" It needed it, from the tears and the kissing, but I was too happy to think about that. And she brought it up in a way that was tactful and sweet. I will always be grateful.
I don't know what was going on in this picture, but I love the look (dark-headed) maid-of-honor is giving Nate in this picture. All I know is that that day was, without question, the best day of my life.

6. What's your greatest accomplishment to date?

You know, this may be your hardest question. There are so many possibilities. I make an amazing flour-less chocolate cake. We refinished a 1895 home (including sanding floors!). I have some photographs and some mix cds that I am extremely proud of. But, beyond all that, I think my greatest accomplishment is our marriage (i know, gag!). Nathan is my best friend. There is nothing about me that he doesn't know and doesn't accept. I have allowed myself to be totally transparent with him, and that is not easy for me to do. We do not argue, fight, or have unrealistic expectations of each other. We accept each other for who we are and use our own strengths to fill in the weaknesses of the other. I believe this is a huge accomplishment for me because, pre-Nathan, I thrived on drama. I was always in some crazy, unstable, unpredicatble thing that resembled a relationship. High school and college were a string of destructive relatinships, and I think a lot of that was because I didn't love myself enough to think I was worthy of something clean and pure and beautiful. I love my marriage. I feel always safe, secure, and worthy.

Wow. That was fun! And kinda hard. I loved the questions. Thanks so much for your interest and for taking the time to really ask relevant questions.

So, is anyone up to be interviewed by me? Just express your desire in the comments.

It's almost time for King of Queens! Yay!



Fantastic wonderful brilliant answers! Great job!

PS. I think we might have been seperated at birth.

Annie said...

You'll be running your half marathon in no time! :) You've got that strength about you.
I too have a mountain climbing goal. There is a mountain near where I live called Mount Warning and I did climb it once when I was 14. I did not make the summit because I was dying of exhaustion and couldn't push myself any further (which is bull. I just gave up) so one day I plan to conquer the mountain!
I'd love to be interviewed, even though we've just met, I reckon it'd be fun.

Aimee said...

I'm keeping this short (my brain is fried for the nite). I just wanted to say that I loved reading your answers and learning more about how you met Nate. The pictures were awesome too! I wouldn't mind being interviewed. I'll answer just about anything (weight related or even personal), so don't be shy. LOL! I can't say my answers will be as good as yours, but I think it would be fun. :)

marie said...

exercise is not only key to taking it off, but to maintaining the loss. keep it up. it's sooooo worth it! :)

Frances said...

That was great Krissie. I feel like I have been caught up from over the past year. I enjoyed your thoughtful answers (I agree about Burke & Christina). I hope we can see you again this summer.

Krissie said...

Aimee and Annie - I won't get to your questions tonight! Sorry! I'll get them to you as soon as I can. I'm lazy. We know that's a problem for me!

Aimee said...

No problem Krissie. I'm not in any hurry, so whenever you get to it, that's fine. And by the way, we're all lazy from time to time. It's just how our body and mind decide to take a break from the daily grind. :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

Great questions. AND fabulous answers!!! I love the pics along with the post.