Thursday, December 13, 2007

we always stand up straight

It was this time last week we were on our Christmas trip. Because I am so frustrated with myself (specifically my weight and my job), I decided this was a great time to relive our trip. In pictures!

We started off spending Thursday night with Nathan's brother in Tennessee. We started off going to see the Christmas lights at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I was really impressed. We got to drive around the track!
Then we walked around downtown Bristol and had great coffee.
Friday morning, Nathan and I took off for Asheville! There were beautiful views at the overlook at the North Carolina Welcome Center.
Nice highway in the background, huh?
Our first meal in Asheville was our favorite from the last trip: Chorizo in the Grove Arcade. Nathan had this scrambled egg thing, and I had skirt steak. Absolutely huge portions, and amazing food. It's on our must list from now on.
While walking around the Grove Arcade, we got to look at gingerbread houses from the Grove Park Inn's Gingerbread House competition. They were very impressive.
Then we checked in to the Bed and Breakfast. We LOVE the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. This is the view of the front porch after dark.

Then we did the Candle Light Tour at the Biltmore. I cannot tell you how amazing the tour is. We couldn't take any pictures in the house, so the one picture of the night was in front of the Christmas tree in the welcome center.

We started the next day with truffles at The Chocolate Fetish. It's who we are when we are in Asheville. Bring on the truffles.

Then we returned to the Biltmore with every intention to tour the winery. The line was like 3 days long, so we just strolled around the barn which was decorated very nicely and set up with Appalachain Christmas displays.

Isn't Santa cute? We then continued the day in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Again, bring on the truffles! This stop was Chocolate Gems.Also in Black Mountain was this awesome kitchen store called The Common Housefly. I loved it. These cups are Bentleys, just like me!!On our last night, I realized I hadn't taken a picture of our beautiful room. It's full of our clothes strewn around, and our unmade bed, but this is our suite.I spent our last bed and breakfast night warm and cozy...with water, doritos, Oprah magazine, and a very comfortable bed.Nathan's reading material of choice was the local real estate magazines. Hey, we can dream, right?After a great breakfast the next morning, we took our usual hike around the b&b. Ever since we've been coming, we've been eyeing this tree with plans to vandalize. We added our touch this trip. Think anyone will notice?And we finish the trip with the ceremonious arms-length picture looking back up the trail.

We love Asheville! We had wonderful weather, with record highs in Decemer. It was such a great way to get Christmas started!

I anticipate I'll be doing fluff posts until the first of the year. I'm just not motivated. I'm not happy in work or health, and I'm choosing to just ignore those things (for better or worse) through Christmas and then take serious action. I AM NOT GIVING UP on myself or my blog, I'm just being realistic at this point.

For my blog friends, I continue to read about you every day. I hope to rejoin the family of self-improvement soon. I haven't forgotten about you and I miss you a lot!

And, in case you all didn't know, I have the greatest husband ever. (Kisses Nate!!)



It looks like so much fun! And I would like to borrow your adorable husband for the weekend. Don't worry -- I'm just gonna show him off to my friends and make him take photos of us from arms length. Oh what the heck, you can come too. :)

Glad you had a good trip. I've missed you!

Mindy said...

Looks like a terrific trip! And as a Nascar fan I am very envious that you got to drive around Bristol :)