Monday, March 12, 2007

God knows she loves me, Kentucky woman!

(I'll smack you in the mouth, I'm Neil Diamond!)

After a LONG drive today, I am back in Kentucky. I am slightly sad to be back. I really liked it in Kansas. Nathan is in Atlanta until Friday. I have to go to work tomorrow. All this makes me slightly unhappy. But I am home with my cats and Courtney is staying with me this week, so it's all good.

You know what else is good? Zak's roommate asked which one of us is older. I'll let you decide. (I can't get the picture posted in the post, so there's a new pic over there --> )

I love Lawrence, Kansas. It just feels like a place where I would be better able to be the me I am trying to be. It's a different world there. It seems like everyone is so much healthier. There are "fitness trails" all over the city. People are out running, walking their dogs, and biking everywhere. We went to the grocery store and people's buggies amazed me. I'm used to going to Krogers and seeing buggies full of pop, cookies, and chips. Not in Lawrence. Buggies held fruit, organic cereals, yogurt. The city is young, friendly, healthy, but a dozen hours from home. Zak is there, though, so I'd be closer to family than I am now!

We went to so many cool places. The University of Kansas has a beautiful campus and I might be a Rock Chalk Jayhawk fan! Mass Street reminds me of Asheville's downtown with less hippy-ish hippies. Legends is a great shopping area. KC,Mo has a great Farmer's Market and the Plaza had amazing shopping...Dad loved Williams Sonoma and I shopped at Tiffany's. Neither of us bought anything.

I was going to run tonight (I feel well today!) but I've been in the car ALL DAY and That 70's Show starts in 10 minutes. So I'll start tomorrow. I am so excited to get back to the gym! I'll give you a running update tomorrow.