Saturday, September 15, 2007

far away, far away

So the move is done! We've got a few things we didn't want to put in the moving truck that we have to go back and get, but other than that, we're moved!

The painter is finishing up tomorrow, and then we get to start putting things together! I can't wait to show you all pictures!

My posting will still be sporatic as we don't have internet yet. Hopefully that will be coming soon.

I'm going to catch up on all of your lives now! You'll see more of me soon!!

(Did I mention that we had one of our cats shaved? More pics I need to post...)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i see your true colors shining through

2 posts in 2 days? What?

Briana and Fat Bridesmaid have both done the "8 Random Thing About Me" thing in the last several days. Not only do I need a distraction from this whole moving thing, but I want you all to play along too!!

1. My middle name is Carr.
2. I am violently opposed to celery. The look, smell, texture, stringyness, taste...Celery makes me want to hit something, it makes me angry. Celery is evil.
3. I bought a lampshade for $4.23 at Lowe's today. I absolutely love a bargain.
4. I catch myself singing "Deck the Halls" all year long.
5. Mrs. Doubtfire is in my top 5 favorite movies.
6. I would love to take photographs as a career.
7. If I could have had a romantic encounter with a famous person (before Nathan), it would have been Will Smith or Heath Ledger.
8. Nathan and I just paid an unbelievable amount to have the interior of our house painted for us.

Your turn!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

girl, you know its true!!

I am still alive! Never fear!

The big move is Friday. We have a variety of activities over the next few days. Inspections, closings, meetings with painters, cat groomers, moving vans, etc.

I PROMISE you will see more of me next week. I miss my girls!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

daisy, let it go

There are some things going on in my head, but I really don't want to blog about them. Instead, I'll go to my default post. iPod Roulette. The first 10 songs on the shuffle on my iPod. I thought about doing it through iTunes, but there were Christmas songs in the mix. Here you go. (I'm nervous!!)

1. Arms of a Woman - Amos Lee. Amazing song. You need to find it and listen to it now.

2. Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles. I just bought this record from iTunes. I like her. I don't know the song well enough to comment on it yet.

3. Pride (In the Name of Love)- U2. I like this song for a ton of reasons. One of them is because it mentions Nathan's birthday. (Anyone know the date Bono mentions??)

4. One of These Things First - Nick Drake. I remember hearing this song the first time last summer, on our way back from vacation, on our way to drop my brother Zak off at the airport. I miss Zak.

5. All My Tears - Jars of Clay. This band seems to overtake any random playlist. You need to listen to them now as well.

6. Karma Police - Radiohead. Nathan and I have just recently decided that we need to listen to Radiohead. We're working on it. No Surprises is my favorite Radiohead song of the moment.

7. Daisy - Switchfoot. This song is making it's approach into my top 5 songs of all time list. I really just want to close my eyes and sing.

8. Hold You in My Arms - Ray LaMontagne. Another song from Last Kiss (along with #1). I bought the movie 'cause I thought I'd have to like it...Zach Braff, awesome soundtrack, but I really didn't like it at all. The soundtrack, though, would be on my top 10 stranded-on-a-desert-island cd list.

9. Fidelity - Regina Spektor. She's fun. You need to listen to her too.

10. Two Step - Dave Matthews Band. I thought I was going to go through an entire list without any of my obsessions (old-school DMB, Nickelcreek, Matt Wertz). That was close. Two Step is the best live song of any show I've seen. I can close my eyes and see the lights in the beginning. I miss the DMB of 8-10 years ago.

Play along! Hit shuffle on your iPod and put the first 10 in the comments!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

tomorrow leads my way

I have not forgotten about my blog! The move, and stressing about the move, is taking up all of my time!

Things will be back to normal in 2 weeks! Don't forget about me until then!