Friday, January 18, 2008

you know who you are

Unemployed Day #5. I got a very encouraging email from Job #1 Lady, so hopefully I'll have an income soon!

You know, when I wrote the "I LOVE ME!" post, I almost didn't post it. I was afraid that people who were struggling would misunderstand me and be offended. I am glad that you all saw my intention was to encourage. I am SO AMAZED at how many people have played along! I was even named the Friday Featured Blogger at Healthy You Challenge!

So many of you love yourselves! Check us out!

Fat Bridesmaid is who keeps me blogging every day.

Felicia is such an inspiration!

I heart Sarah! We had a great lunch at Cosi!

Teale needs a little extra love today. It's a hard one for her.

Check out Eat, Pray, Lose. She's Dr. Pepper free today!

The always encouraging Hanlie played along!

Sara made me miss my hair for the first time in a long time!

Expressing Not Stuffing is thankful for her body's cooperation.

Mousaroo is such a daddy's girl, just like me!

Chubby Chick moved 3 TONS of wood pellets in a single day!

Nicole loves her big boobies!

Twix totally loves herself today! I want to be like you!

Scale Junkie is walking the walk because she deserves it!

Chai in the Sky wants to be a runner (again) like me!

Nikki is having a career shift also. It's scary, but exciting too!

I don't even know Diet Coke and Zingers, but she went to college through three pregnancies!

I don't know Battle of the Bulges either, but she has crazy monkey strength!

If there's anyone else who did the meme, let me know! I'd love to link you as well! We all need to share the love!

Now don't be mad if you're having a bad day and I point you back to your list!

Oh, and I love myself today because I had a very eventful trip to the grocery store. I passed the Starbucks drinks (again!) and the South Beach Diet Cranberry Chicken Salad Kit that I love. Today was more of a financial battle than a nutritional battle. I can work Starbucks into my daily food plan. But they are so expensive at Meijer (a dollar more for 4 than at Target), and I just couldn't justify that dollar. Not when I had debated between 2 loaves of bread on a 40 cent difference. But I bought good food (including my first blood oranges) for good meals (you'll see them!) for a very reasonable amount of cash. It's all good.

Tonight is Friday night, and that means my favorite show! At 9pm, you'll find me in the workout center in front of What Not to Wear. I am so excited! No cable + love of tv = nice legs for me!

Food pics to come after dinner!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Thanks for posting your meme idea, I really needed it today. I'd like to add your blog to my blogroll, if that's okay with you... I am a regular mouse reader... That's where we are connected, I think.

Felicia said...

Good luck with the Job#1 lady!! Got my fingers crossed for you!! (One hand only of course LOL)

Loved all the questions. Was great to look inside for answers and even better to read what everyone else had to say. Was a SUPER idea!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


Chubby Chick said...

I think your "I Love Me" post has changed lives. Truly. lol I'm so glad you posted it and invited all of us to play along!

It's really sweet that you posted everybody's links here! You rock, girl! :)

Caroline said...

Found your blog linked through another and just wanted to say hello!

Scale Junkie said...

you make me smile!

Lidian said...

I love "what Not To Wear" too! Hope #1 Job Lady comes through & that you have a most excellent weekend -

Swizzlepop said...

I commented in the original post but just in case I'm post here too. I did it and THANK YOU for sharing this, it really made me thing and I feel great after doing it! :)

Mine is here

Honi said...

i loved your meme idea and will be posting it tomorrow on my blog.. wonderful and thought provoking idea..

EVA said...

As a whining blogger (well only as of late) I was not offended! Thanks so much!


woohoo shout out! You keep me blogging too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this. Reading all the answers was quite an inspiration.

Teale said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts & kindness yesterday. It means so much!

Michelle said...

Catching up on blogs and did your "I LOVE ME" list. Great reminder, especially since I've been going through a bad spell. Thank you!