Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wanna 'lectrify my soul

Today was a great day!

I started my day with cheerios and milk.
Then I had to decide what to wear on my interviews today. I had a lot of trouble deciding what looked good together combined with what looked good on me. I don't have a lot of business-type clothes. I decided that I am really excited about the day when I don't have to squeeze myself into a slimming tank top and control top panty hose. I really hate being fat.

But then I pulled my favorite sweater out of my to-be-drycleaned bag, doused it with body spray, and headed out the door.

Off to interview #1. I really want this job. I prayed the whole way there that I present my true self. I didn't want to be nervous, I didn't want to be pompus. I just wanted to be me. And that's what happened. It sounds like a good-paying, fulfilling job with a pretty healthy environment. It was a fun interview, and she actually said it takes a lot of "integrity" to leave a job like I did. I have thought it was the cowards way out, but she helped me feel better about the decision. (Is that supposed to happen in an interview?) Anyway, it sounds really promising and I am really excited. She said she'll be in touch in 4-5 days, and she can't imagine why they wouldn't hire me.

Then I headed to Atlanta Bread Company for my favorite sandwich in the whole entire world. Just veggies, dill sauce, and cheese.

But to get the full picture, you have to see the inside. How incredibly yummy.
I had some time to waste before Interview #2, so I went across the street to hang out at Starbucks for a while. I have been curious about their "skinny" menu, so I ordered a Tall Skinny Mocha Latte. And it was nas-assty. I had 2 sips, sat there for a while, and realized that my tank top/slimmer was cutting me pretty much in half. And since I had changed clothes since I put it on and was wearing a sweater, why am I wearing the freaking thing? I thought about taking it off in the bathroom, but I didn't.

So I was off to Interview #2. It was a pretty cool job as well, and I think I would have a shot at it. But it is a 45 minute commute each way. And it sounds like more responsibility than what I would want right now. But I'm not going to totally cut it out of the picture until I know more about Job #1.

Dinner was a quick and tasty chicken and noodles. No recipe, it's just chicken broth, rotisserie chicken breast, whole wheat egg noodles, and a jar of chicken gravy. Nothing says comfort food to me like chicken and noodles. I am a happy girl.

We went to Bible Study tonight, with a professor from a local seminary teaching through the Old Testament. It was week 1, and we had a really good time. We had several friends there and it was great to see friends that we hadn't seen since Christmas. We typically go out to eat with one particular couple, and it was hard to have to not make plans because we don't know what our long-term financial situation will be (and we don't eat out cheap). But we'll at least to ice cream or coffee or something after church on Saturday night.

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks. This is an old picture, but I had a bottled Starbucks Mocha (my beloved Starbucks drink) over ice. It upset my stomach something fierce. I know I can only have caffeine on an empty stomach, but I keep trying anyway. Silly girl.

I had decided prior to today that this would be my gym-free day this week. I almost feel like I wasted it, though, since I'm not sore or particularly tired today. But it was a full day, and I needed a day off. But I'm back to the gym tomorrow afternoon!

I want to thank you all for all your well-wishes for my job search. And your encouragement on my new habits. You all keep me accountable! You are a BIG part of my success! Thanks so much for your comments!


Christine said...

Boy that sandwich looks amazing.

Felicia said...

Congrats on having such a wonderful day!!

May tomorrow be just as bright!



I'm so glad it went well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your hear good things from Job 1 ASAP.

Carleen said...

yummy sandwich!!!
Keep up the great work- your job hunt will go will

Hanlie said...

Now that's what I call a sandwich!!! It looks delicious.

I'd be too scared to eat or drink anything other than water between interviews, because I always mess on my clothes!

I'm holding thumbs for you for Job #1. If you can avoid the commute that Job #2 entails, so much the better. I believe commuting kills our desire for exercise!

Thank you for your regular support on my blog.

justoofat said...

I concur, the sandwich does look yummy. My husband and I eat at ABC all the time, I'm a huge (literally!) fan of their balsamic blue salad. And there's a Starbuck's right across the street from ours too. It's always a struggle to resist afterwards! :) Anyway... keeping my fingers crossed for good job related news.


The Webb's (Chole) said...

I hope you end up with the best job ever! The Lord will chose the right one for you.

Thanks for the encouragement today on my blog. I needed it.

Im gonna hang in there.

Teale said...

Oh my goodness, I also LOVE Atlanta Bread's veggie sandwich! I get it w/cheese too b/c the extra cals are worth it to me! I also really like the turkey club panini, but I just get half, with their half & half combo... then the other thing I get is either soup or a fruit salad... sooo yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have many many happy days.
The sandwich looks yummy! I love veggie sandwiches.