Thursday, January 17, 2008

and I cannot wait another year

Here's my list I promised! Where is yours? (What is Krissie talking about? Read my last post.)

The "I LOVE ME" List

1. What do you absolutely love about your body?

I have said it before (sorry I don't have the time to search through old posts) - when they are properly coralled, I like my breasts. I like the way they look when I wear v-necks. I also like that I am evenly porportioned. I carry my weight everywhere, so I don't have a lot of difficulty buying clothes.

2. When did you surprise yourself with your physical strength?

In college, I ran 5 miles. At once. Without walking. I know I can do it.

3. When were you braver than you ever thought you could be?

I walked out on a job last week. I don't have a job to fall back on. I couldn't continue working in a setting where I was not supported, and I couldn't risk my career any longer. I think that was the bravest thing I ever did.

4. When did your self-control blow you away?

This might not sound like much, but today I walked out of Meijer without my Starbucks drinks. I went down the aisle twice. I had them in my little basket at one point. I did not buy them. I'm missing it now, but I was strong.

5. What is your proudest moment ever?

My wedding day was amazing. The best day ever. I was so proud that Nathan chose me.

6. When was the last time you felt absolutely beautiful?

In November, the night before my 30th birthday, we went to a wedding. I had bought a new gray floral dress and these cute shoes. I was around a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while. I felt pretty and we were charming and fun and had wine...Good times.

7. Why do you deserve to meet your goals?

I deserve better than how I have been treating myself. I want to be a runner. I want to be strong. I want to be able to wear really cute clothes. I will be these things. And I will continue to get better because I will value myself more as my journey continues.

...and it continues through my food journal for today!

Breakfast was a Clif bar and 1 glass and a half of milk.

Then I went to the gym, where I kicked butt. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical-type machine, and hour on the treadmill, and 45 minutes on the bike. I was actually angry when I left - I gave up 15 minutes before my planned dismount of the bike, but my body was very tired. I was struggling with every cycle. So I decided that since I listen to my body when it comes to eating, I should also start listening to my body when it is tired. After 2 and a half hours, it wasn't laziness, it was exhaustion. So I went home and fixed lunch.

1 cup whole wheat penne, asparagus, a tablespoon of pesto, and a tablespoon of cheese. Yummy.

For dinner, I took the chicken and noodle leftovers from last night and added a can of mixed veggies. I topped it with crescent rolls, and made a chicken pot pie.

I was craving sweets, so we split an apple. And the blob is Nutella. Nutella is my friend.

It's time to watch Wheel of Fortune and then go to Nate's basketball game.

Happy Almost Friday!


Sarah said...

You are rocking at the gym. All of your food looks so yummy! I answered the list questions too!

Hanlie said...

Wow, that pasta looks nice! Great answers!

Scale Junkie said...

Loved your list answers!!


First of all, Nutella makes my heart happy. I love that stuff!

Second - I lived in the UK and it was cold and rainy and I loved it. While I was there I backpacked to Scotland, France, and Italy. It was AWESOME.

Third - I'm going no where for my vacation. I plan to sleep and workout and read and watch movies and hang out with Boston Guy.

Fourth - Outlet malls. YES. You tell me when and I'm totally there.

Sarah said...

Hey, found you through Marie's blog. Great list! And you seriously do rock at the gym. Over 2 hours of cardio! nice!

Trisaratops said...

I love your list! 2.5 hours - my god woman - you are determination personified. Thanks again for starting this fabulous list! And Nutella - nectar of the gods, I tell you.

Twix said...

Your list is awesome! And it is a big accomplishment walking out of the store without your treat. I feel proud when I can leave a store and not immediately go through a drive through because I have stessed myself out. Way to go! High five!! :D

Chubby Chick said...

I love your list! What a great idea this was! I'm glad so many of us have done it. It was good therapy! lol

40 by 40 said...

Congrats on being the featured blogger.Glad I saw it b/c it brought me to your blog. I love the pics..yum..I see you are on WW, me too. Wonderin' the points on some of the yummy stuff I see here..I am sure if I look around here I will find or be able to figure it out. Back to your list....I think it's important to realize these things from time to time..we can get down on ourselves and compare to others..but we should recognize and acknowledge all the good we have too. Thanks for pointing it out.
Keep up the good work!

Lidian said...

Thanks for the meme, Krissie - it is just perfect! And your meals always look so great - I am going to go get some whole wheat pasta this weekend.

justoofat said...

Honestly... I didn't think I was going to be able to come up with enough nice things to say about myself to post my own list. But... I did! And I'm so glad you issued this challenge. Thanks!


Mrs Coetser said...

This photographic food journal is a great idea!
Going to do my list today.