Friday, January 18, 2008

sending all my love on the wire

You guys and your self-love just keeps coming!

Go read about Eva! She's new to the blog world. Let's show her how much we love each other!

Swizzlepop is a very brave woman. Go read about her and find out why!

Just Too Fat is awesome. And did some brave things for love!

I can't think you enough for playing along!

Today's exercise will be tonight. Today's food is as follows:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and milk
This sandwich is known as the Big Kahuna. Ham, pineapple cream cheese, and a few crushed walnuts. With pretzels.
Meijer carries this apple chicken sausage that is awesome. It is accompanied by a bullseye (fried egg inside toast) and orange slices.

Happy weekend!


Grumpy Chair said...

Great, great "I Love Myself" posts all over the place.

Loved your "bullseye toast". We always called it "eggs in a nest" but I like bullseye better.

sybil said...

Wonderful questions! I just posted my answers.


Ohmygosh you quoted Journey. I heart you.

Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

Oh my, that all looks so so good! I can't wait to get some ham and make the sandwich. (I think my husband ate all my walnuts, i'll add that to the list too) I got some Atichoke Garlic Chicken sauage from Sam's Club that is too good.