Tuesday, September 4, 2007

daisy, let it go

There are some things going on in my head, but I really don't want to blog about them. Instead, I'll go to my default post. iPod Roulette. The first 10 songs on the shuffle on my iPod. I thought about doing it through iTunes, but there were Christmas songs in the mix. Here you go. (I'm nervous!!)

1. Arms of a Woman - Amos Lee. Amazing song. You need to find it and listen to it now.

2. Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles. I just bought this record from iTunes. I like her. I don't know the song well enough to comment on it yet.

3. Pride (In the Name of Love)- U2. I like this song for a ton of reasons. One of them is because it mentions Nathan's birthday. (Anyone know the date Bono mentions??)

4. One of These Things First - Nick Drake. I remember hearing this song the first time last summer, on our way back from vacation, on our way to drop my brother Zak off at the airport. I miss Zak.

5. All My Tears - Jars of Clay. This band seems to overtake any random playlist. You need to listen to them now as well.

6. Karma Police - Radiohead. Nathan and I have just recently decided that we need to listen to Radiohead. We're working on it. No Surprises is my favorite Radiohead song of the moment.

7. Daisy - Switchfoot. This song is making it's approach into my top 5 songs of all time list. I really just want to close my eyes and sing.

8. Hold You in My Arms - Ray LaMontagne. Another song from Last Kiss (along with #1). I bought the movie 'cause I thought I'd have to like it...Zach Braff, awesome soundtrack, but I really didn't like it at all. The soundtrack, though, would be on my top 10 stranded-on-a-desert-island cd list.

9. Fidelity - Regina Spektor. She's fun. You need to listen to her too.

10. Two Step - Dave Matthews Band. I thought I was going to go through an entire list without any of my obsessions (old-school DMB, Nickelcreek, Matt Wertz). That was close. Two Step is the best live song of any show I've seen. I can close my eyes and see the lights in the beginning. I miss the DMB of 8-10 years ago.

Play along! Hit shuffle on your iPod and put the first 10 in the comments!!


Nathan said...

I was about halfway through a shuffle session, but I started over just for this.

1. Clocks - Coldplay I really like the piano throughout this song. It was one of the few songs I was familiar with when we saw them in Louisville. I've since become a big fan.

2. Something The Boy Said - Sting "We would never have marched so far to be food for a crow." It sounds much worse when Sting isn't singing it.

3. Them Bones - Alice in Chains I know I don't listen to stuff like this much anymore, but darn it, I still like Alice and I love this song. Curse you Layne and your lousy drug addictions.

4. Rake - Skrape Another song from my heavier listening days. They aren't one of my favorites or anything like that, but I hadn't listened to them in a long time and just felt like adding them to a playlist.

5. What's Wrong With Me - Skye I miss the Starbucks channel on XM Radio. The new Starbucks/XM Cafe station merger just isn't the same.

6. First and Last Waltz - Nickel Creek Anyone familiar with this blog knows how we feel about Nickel Creek. This is one of my favorite instrumentals of theirs.

7. Simply - Pillar This song has a pretty good message when you really listen to it.

8. You Are Mine - Mute Math So does this song. They've only released one full-length album but I love these guys. They sound like a hybrid of Coldplay/The Police/U2. Or something like that.

9. In The Waiting Line - Zero 7 This one is Krissie's fault. It's from the Garden State soundtrack. Our listening habits would be completely different without iTunes and Zach Braff.

10. No Excuses - Alice in Chains This isn't nearly as heavy as Them Bones. Like I said, I really like Alice in Chains. This is a great song.

Anonymous said...

I think you and I are partial artist-soulmates... haha(I don't appreciate country... that is why it's only partial)...
But I just discovered Ray LaMontagne..and I absolutely love his voice and his cover of Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' -if you don't have it, get it!
I love some Regina Spektor and she is playing here next month, but I have no one to go with...yet.. I may go by myself. I love the song 'Us' by her.
And radiohead... well.. I freakin' love Radiohead! 'Bulletproof... I wish I was' is awesome, or 'Pyramid song' or 'how to disappear completely' (for the more mellow ones) and I think 'lucky' is another great one.
Alright.. so here I go:
1. Miss Misery - Elliott Smith from the Good Will Hunting Soundtrack... great song.
2. Yellow - Coldplay A little overplayed, but I still enjoy it once in awhile.
3. Space Oddity - David Bowie Speaks for itself... haha
4. Do You Remember - Jack Johnson I know most of his songs by heart... but not by name, so I am not sure what this one is.. I am sure it's great though.
5. Spiderwebs - No Doubt Oh, how I miss old No Doubt...
6. Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab Not my favourite by them, but like it all the same (my favourite of the moment is 'I will follow you into the dark'
7. All That Jazz - Chicago Soundtrack lol... I love showtunes... but this song isn't really that great to me, not sure how it got on there (bill- show boat; popular - wicked: these are some of my favourites)
8. Smile - Lily Allen I love her crude lyrics... they are so unexpected as you are listening to her fun music.
9. The Fear You Won't Fall - Joshua Radin Love it!
10. Keep it Loose, Keep it tight - Amos Lee I swear I did not plan this.. but this is another reason why we are partial artist-soulmates... :)

Good luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

OK I'm playing but because I don't do lyrics well, just music I may not be able to comment on the song.....
1. Refine Me- Jennifer Knapp- I really like most of her music. Emma listens to her lots.

2. Blessed Be Your Name - Tree63- One of my favorite worship songs

3. Jump Back - S.O.M. Soldiers on Mission This is an upcoming HOT Christian Rap group. I work with one of the Rappers. I've attended 2 concerts and for someone who doesn't Rap, I love them!!

4. You Found Me- Kelly Clarkson I really like Kelly and her sound.

5. All I go (The Make Up Song)- Fergie Not my favorite song of hers, it's on my iPod because we "accidently" bought the CD

6. New Deep- John Mayer

7. Meshack (Parady of "love Shack by the B-52's) - Apologitix- This is a very fun song - I love running to the beat, I have the B-52's Love Shack on here I like running to as well.

8. Against the Wind- Bob Seger I don't know much about this artist. I like to run to this song.

9. Promise of You- Edwin McCain- I really like this song- I really like his sound and most of his tunes.

10.You Never let Go- Matt Redman- My theme song for this year.... I listen to this, and sing it at the top of my lungs every time (even if I'm only imagining singing, it is at the top of my lungs and all of heaven is listening to just me sing this to my King).

Wow that was fun Krissie- Thanks for influencing me to play. I think I may play again someday :)


Sarah said...

Umm, so I just did mine and it was pretty much all DMB. Oh how I miss the DMB of 8-10 years ago as well. Two Step is my FAVORITE song live as well. It just calms me every time I hear it.

Ray Lamontagne is another one of my favorites. His CDs are great, but I have seen him twice and he is not one of the best performers.

Glad to see you posting. Hope your move goes well!

Amuldoon said...

Krissie... lets make out!

1) LOVE Ray Lamontagne... especially that song.

2) Nick Drake. AMAZING.

3) Jars of Clay. Not a huge Christian music fan, but they won me over with the song "I want to fall in love with you"

You rock girl. Hope those feelings in your head are ok.

Amuldoon said...

I forgot to say... Lets makeout, because your song selections are amazing!

Annie said...

I can't do the ipod routlette right now... my mp3 player is on the fritz... but in my car I've been listening to The Sunny Cowgirls, and some good mixes that include Adam Brand, Alan Jackson and the McClymonts (few Aussie bands in there! Except for Alan Jackson, he's kinda on his own!)
Hope you're feeling better today and good luck with the move and all.
I know what it's like to have a gazzillion things going on in your head... that's why I took a break for a little while. Am too addicted to blogging, so looks like I am back again! hehe.
Take care!
luv Annie

Running Home said...

April 4th in the U2 song...


I miss you dude!