Sunday, April 8, 2007

we will get along until we're old and gray

Okay, so here are the pics I promised...and more!

These are from the pre-exam night festivities at Kent's last Thursday night. Nate is in the floor studying for his exam. Kent is preparing the amazing dessert. You'll see our glorious spread of bang!bang!shrimp!, salad, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and rolls. All was amazing. Just wanted to make sure Kent got big props for the wonderful meal! Thanks so much for letting us stay and babysitting the avenger this weekend.

We had a great Easter. Nathan, Zak, and I went to the church that my family grew up in. It was amazing how little had changed. It made me appreciate where I came from and also how I have grown. Good times.

Then we had Easter lunch at Mamaw Brewer's. Although I snacked some on homemade spinach dip while setting things up (really worth the points), I did very well food-wise at lunch. I don't remember everything I ate, but I do remember figuring up that I had 14 points on my plate and didn't even eat everything (mainly chicken salad, corn, a roll, a little turkey and a little dressing). I had no dessert. When we got back to Nate's mom's, I had 4 little chocolate eggs (like smaller than hershey kisses). Nate's dad had even more of my favorite chocolate eggs, where I grabbed a handful mindlessly. I had the first one in my mouth, mentally reviewed the reasons I want to be thin, and put the rest of them in Nate's hand. It felt like such a huge success. We didn't really have dinner since I'm not hungry yet. I think with my snacking pre-lunch and my Starbucks drink (I'm choosing not to quit them!), I'm right at points today. Yay!!

Tomorow is the beginning of Week 2 of the Beck Diet Solution. My task for today/tomorrow is to make a plan of what I will eat tomorrow and stick to it exactly. Since I took some liberties this weekend, I am only eating 25 points tomorrow instead of my usual 28. My lunch is huge to prepare me for not eating dinner until 6. This is what tomorrow will look like:

Breakfast (6 points):
Starbucks drink (4)
Banana (2)

Lunch (10 points):
Spinach, apples, oranges (2)
1/8 cup walnuts (2)
2 tbsp raspberry dressing (2)
turkey wrap (4)

Dinner (6 points):
Grilled tilapia (2)
grilled potatoes (4)
grilled tomatoes (0)

Snack (3 points):
Strawberries (1)
Fiber 1 Bar (2)

3 miles on treadmill

Nate is my diet coach, so he is going to be keeping me accountable. You are invited to do the same! I am excited about planning my meals out again. I know that and exercise is what helps me be successful.

Have a happy Monday!


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