Monday, April 23, 2007

remember to always think twice

I don't know if you all get emails from Hungry Girl every day, but I do. And I love them. If you don't, subscribe. And tell her I sent you. I might just win something!

Anyway, today's email included a link to this site. (Beware - if fast food pics are a trigger for you, only visit here when full.) The link is pictures of fast food, comparing what it looks like in the ads versus what it really looks like when you get it home. It was eye-opening for me. The only thing that looks similar is the Subway sandwich. I am particurarly saddened by the picture of the Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande. That is the item that would tempt me the most of those mentioned, and Taco Bell is the hardest place for me to avoid in general. Anyway, the real-life pics looks NOTHING like the advertisement. The reality in comparision to the dream might be enough to keep me out of Taco Bell.

The Wendy's Southwest Taco Salad looks pretty accurate, but I HATE when the chili liquid settles though the lettuce. I'll just take a small chili and a side salad, thank you very much. And I especially liked the ad picture of McD's Sausage McMuffin. It's like it's descended from heaven with the glorious light behind it. I laughed out loud. But I never liked their eggs anyway.

While reading Annie's intitial blog, she made me see that I am one of those people who refuse to hide behind my fat, or the fact that I am a woman. We saw that last week with the mechanic. But I refuse to take crap. And I turn into a very sweet, condescending woman when someone is trying to short-stick me.

Example that is realted to the Hungry Girl pics. It's been like 3 years ago. Subway introduced a new line of salads. I am usually satisfied with lettuce, but I LOVE spinach. So they run all these ads, and the new Garden Veggie salad looks wonderful...spinach, vegetables, honey mustard. I am pumped. I was new to my town and I make my maiden voyage to the local Subway. I order the salad. My salad artist fills the bowl with lettuce.

Me:Ma'am, the picture up there (I point to menu board) shows the salad with a bed of spinach. That's what I want.

Subway Artist: (puts about six pieces of spinach on top of the lettuce)What else would you like?

Me: I would like my vegetables to be put on a bed of spinach, please. No lettuce. Like the picture.

Subway Artist: The Garden Veggie Salad is lettuce. The Grilled Chicken Salad is on a bed of spinach. I can make you the Grilled Chicken Salad without the chicken.

Me: (internal dialogue: I will not pay two extra dollars for chicken salad without chicken!) Ma'am, the picture shows the salad on a bed of spinach and that is what I would like.

Subway Artist: That is not the way the salad is made.

Me: Then I would like cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, honey mustard. On my bed of lettuce.

I move down the line and proceed to start another (calm but condescending) arguement with the cashier that results in me refusing to pay for or take my salad. It took me over 2 years to return to any Subway. It was false advertising! There's a new one in our Super Wal-Mart, and that's the one I go to now.

I won't even tell the video store story. I'm boycotting Title Wave also. (Isn't that a stupid name for a video store?)

Me? Stubborn? Never!

I just got an email that my interview questions from FatBridesmaid are ready! Look forward to getting to know me even better!!


Finn said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog Chrissie. What a great and creative idea to use lyrics as blog titles :0)


Title Wave? Seriously?

That's the stupidest name in the history of stupid.

Annie said...

LOL way to go with subway!!! I too have noticed a lot of promo photos of fast food meals have little to no resemblance to the real item. I am not a real big fan of McDonalds anymore, not since I found out how many points are in a box of McNuggets!
Thanks for linking back to my blog entry too. LOL It makes me feel good to know I am not talking dribble!! ;-)

Mindy said...

I'm a Hungry Girl fan too and I also saw the link yesterday and it's so true! How do they pump those burgers up to look so big and fresh and then you get something all flat and blah?

I can relate to the Subway thing. We just got a Qdoba here in Richmond and some friends and I went. Granted, it was one of their first weeks open but they had no clue what to put on anything and they were arguing amongst themselves about bowls to put what in. I wanted a naked taco salad and about half way down the line someone realized they gave me too small of a bowl. Oh well. So my salad was half the size of the 'dressed' one but the same price. I will give them another chance though since they were trying to work out the kinks it seemed.