Wednesday, April 4, 2007

just say you'll wait for me

Just a quick note to say that dinner at Shakertown was awesome. As was our service. Even though the special was a pork in apple cider sauce, I stuck with my initial plan to have the baked trout. It was a good thing too...the apple cider sauce was actually a very creamy cream sauce. I replaced my favorite creamy tomato soup for cucumbers in red wine vinegar for the appetizer. I did not have any cornbread. The main course was really good. The trout was exactly like I wanted, the green beans were fresh, and the baked peaches didn't appear to have a glaze or anything drippy on them. I did have three very small yeast rolls, which put together may have been the size of a usual dinner roll. I had no desire for dessert. Even when we talked about getting birthday ice cream with our friends. Even after we stopped at Walmart and bought Weight Watcher mini-cups of ice cream, I only ate about half of mine (1 point!) because my desire for sweets was quenched.

The most impressive thing was that I did not feel cheated. The bite I had of the pork was awesome (thanks Nate!), but keeping with my fish increased my confidence because I stuck with my plan. I did not finish my fish or my peaches, and that was fine. I ate until I was comfortably full. And the sense of satisfaction I left with was so much better than any meal I've ever eaten. I can do this. I can make healthy choices. I am making healthy choices.

So check out the responses to my posts...The lady who wrote the Beck Diet Solution actually commented on my last post! She made a great point. I do not want to give up my starbucks drink. I am making it work within my meal plan and points allowance. If I wanted to, I could. I've done it before, several times actually. I'm just not willing to let go of it right now. I don't know why I make such a big deal of it in my head anyway. I guess at times I think there is something wrong with being "addicted" to caffeine. I do get the headaches when I stop. But lost of people drink pop/soda/coke. Atleast my beverage of choice has 20% of my calcium needs!

I am seriously loving the book, though. It's changing my thinking in such a powerful way. And I so appreciate her feedback. It's crazy that people I don't know read my blog. And crazy that people that I do know read my blog. I never thought my blog would take off like this - I never thought it would have such an impact on me. I feel like I am accountable (in a good way) to each of you. Knowing that you believe in my helps me believe in myself.

In case I am not blogging the next few days (the whole out of town thing), don't forget about me! Have a happy happy Easter!


Ben said...

Hey Krissie. I wanted to thank you for your comments on my bog again. I really appreiate them and your support. Good luck w/ your weigh in. It's awesome that you went to a restaurant that obviously had foods you would love, but stuck w/ your plan. Believing in your plan let's you see the results. So believing is seeing I guess lol. Anyway, have a great Easter and thanks again. Ben