Wednesday, April 4, 2007

count the headlights on the highway

Happy Birthday my love! I hope you loved the card and Lemonheads. Dinner will be amazing.

I have had a great day today. It is beautiful and sunny, and about 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. I had my employment evaluation this morning, and he had nothing but awesome things to say about me. If there's one thing I do well, it's my job. I love what I do, I love the kids I work with, and I pour my heart into my job. It's good to hear praise.

I've also had a great day food-wise. Started the day with half a peanut butter-banana wrap and a starbucks drink (I can't give them up!) . More chicken salad in a wrap with 6 triscuits for lunch. Snack was a Fiber 1 bar and a glass of milk. That leaves me with 7 daily points and over 20 weekly points left. And I can have fish as my meat tonight and be able to enjoy dinner. I am so excited about dinner. You'd think it was my birthday or something.

I am excited to see Kent tomorrow. (I'll call you around 4:30.) And to see all the family at home this weekend. Nate has his big library test Friday (for his Masters) so send good thoughts his way!


Judith Beck said...

Just wanted to wish you luck on your diet! Hope The Beck Diet Solution is helpful. If the half a peanut butter-banana wrap and Starbucks drink works for you, great! If I could just make a suggestion, though....Rather than tell yourself, "I can't give them up," can you say, 'I don't want to give them up and I don't need to--but if I ever did need to, I'm learning the skills of how to do that?' It's so important for dieters to gain confidence that they CAN do what they need to do to lose weight--IF they've learned the skills they need.
Hope this was helpful.
PS You might be interested in the blog where you can read posts about dieters we're currently working with.
Judith Beck

Aimee said...

Hi Krissie,
I'm responding to the comment you left in my blog. :) I was happy to add you. I like reading your blog. As far as recipes go, it doesn't really matter where they come from (recipes can't be copyrighted as long as you aren't copying someones entire cookbook word for word). As long as they're your favorites, that's all that matters. :) Anything you can submit would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!