Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i've seen your face before, my friend

The Avenger

Today may be the beginning of the end. My car sputtered to a stop on two seperate occassions today. She's been so good to me and she sure looks great for her age. I'm afraid, though, that her cruising days may be over. I'm still going to drive her (minimally, of course) until we get her checked out on Monday. We've put a limit on the amount we will pay to have her repaired, and if it's over that, we'll have to have a new car. Wouldn't that be terrible? I'm already window shopping.

But food wise, today has been a great day. After the half-bad banana for breakfast. The Starbucks drink was amazing, as always. Lunch was a great peanut-butter banana honey sandwich and some apple slices. Dinner was a nice salad and my creation: spinach dip lasagna. It was really good, but I'm not sure if it was worth the 10 points. It was relatively easy and it was fun to have Nate in the kitchen with me. So much green and cheese and whole wheat pasta... how could a girl go wrong? And then I had a 2-point Weight Watcher ice cream cup. Totally yummy.

I don't know where I am as far as motivation today. I just feel like I'm just having to make myself do what I know I'm supposed to do, and just hope that I'll be pleased with Saturday's weigh-in. If not, I may just have to weigh with my back to the scale or something. I hate that I am so motivated by a number. I wish that the improvements that I am making to my health would be enough for me to keep going. But so far, that is not the case.

I didn't even plan on going to the gym today. With fixing dinner and my night of television, I just didn't have exercise as a priority. Wow. Seeing that out there stings a little. Tomorrow, I will go the gym. Immediately after work. Work. Gym. Dinner. TV. Nate home from school. That sounds like a good plan to me!

I haven't been listening to podcasts recently. I'll try to have some insight for tomorrow.

And, to lighten things up, I decided to play another round of iPod Roulette (put iPod on shuffle and see what comes up! the good, the bad, the sometimes embarrassing).

#1 - Granny - Dave Matthews Band. Ahh...Granny. I was obsessed with this song for a while. Great song.

#2 - Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band. (Live at Red Rocks) Well, 2 in a row. I listened to this cd over and over and over. I love the way he lets the crowd sing. "People in every direction. No words exchanged, no time to exchange them." I hope that's not the way I live my life. (And I can sing along with the really fast part. 'Cause I'm cool.)

#3 - Hiding Place - Jars of Clay. This is from their amazing "Redemption Songs" cd, a recording of old hymns. "Jesus, teach my soul to pray." I love what JOC can do to a song, the way they make them speak to me.

#4 - Like the Last Time - Matt Wertz. We saw him with Jars of Clay. I've learned that his music is great dishwashing music. It just makes me dance. And it's fun to dance and wash dishes at the same time!

#5 - Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes. When I was at Bellarmine, Violent Femmes came and did a concert. It pretty much sucked. They did Blister in the Sun twice. I waited and waited to hear this song 'cause I love it. They played it, and then I left, picked Tony up at the dorms, and went to Taco Bell. Gnarls Barkley also does a good version of this song.

#6 - Reasons Why - Nickel Creek. I am so sad that they are breaking up. Great musicians make great music. "Where am I today? I wish that I knew." I feel like that sometimes. Just good stuff.

#7 - Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray. I like this song. It reminds me of the beach last summer. And aren't we all over our heads in some part of our lives?

#8 - In the Air Tonight - Recoil. I have a soft spot for covers, and a very soft spot for Phil Collins, so the they combine for this song! The drums are through the whole song, which makes it kinda anticlimactic. But I know that one day this will be an awesome running show.

#9 - House Carpenter - Nickel Creek. The second saddest song of all time, second only to NC's Lighthouse Tale. Seriously. Her old love comes back. She leaves her husband and her baby. They go sailing off. She misses her baby, gets angry and bitter. And the ship sinks. I've got to skip the rest of it.

#10 - Crazy - Alanis Morissette. Again, cover combo of a great song and a great artist. I love Alanis (references to her are all over this blog), and it's a really good song. A let loose song. Another song that would be great to run to.

Leave me your random 10! I'm off to watch America's Next Top Model and American Idol during commercials. Have a great night!


Aimee said...

Picking Random songs off of our Ipod. That sounds like fun. I'll warn you though, I have a large range of songs, anything can come up. LOL!

OK, Here's my Random 10...

1. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
2. Shiver - Coldplay
3. Time To Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli
4. C'mon and Love Me - Kiss
5. I Don't Need A Man - Pussycat Dolls
6. No Bravery - James Blunt
7. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
8. Instant Karma - John Lennon
9. Beautiful - James Blunt
10. Oscar Mayer Weiner Song - TV Commercials (LOL!) You know you want to sing along!