Saturday, March 3, 2007

iPod roulette

Today was a day. Lots of housework and cooking. But I ran today! I'm a runner!

Luke (Nate's brother) is getting married at our house in May. I am very excited about the planning. More on that to come.

In a week, I'll be in Kansas with my littlest brother! I am so excited to go see him!

But the lack of anything really interesting going on today (and my desire to continue my habit of daily posting) caused me to steal an idea I came across on another blog. I'm going to turn my iPod on, put it on shuffle, and laugh at the first 10 songs that come up.

#1 - An explanation of a Fiona Apple song from iTunes originals. That doesn't count. So I'm offering 11.

#2 - In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel. How could one of my top 5 favorite songs be in my shuffle right out of the gate? Amazing. I think this is one of the greatest love songs ever, from one of the best love movies ever. (I'm not even going to tell you what it is...shame on you if you don't know.)

#3 - The Only Way Out - Chris Thile. This is from an instrumental cd. He is an amazing mandolin-ist (check out anything by Nickelcreek).

#4 - Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan. So many years ago (was it really 8???), my friend Heath and I made an amazing mix called "the Make-Out cd." This song was the opener, and I love it.
She's my sweet little thing...she's my pride joy...You mess with her, you see a man getting mean.

#5 - My Skin - Natalie Merchant. No one can sing a sad song like Natalie. I can remember being sad and listening to this song over and over with headphones.
Is it dark enough? Can you see me? Do you want me? Can you reach me?

#6 - Work - Jars of Clay. Nate and I saw them in concert last fall, and they opened with this song. It's amazing. I can still see him jumping around. I love the cd of inspirational and comforting.

#7 - No Rain - Blind Melon. This song takes me back to high school. I remember driving around in the Laser singing it. And who can forget the girl in the bee costume? I hate that he thinks that reading is a waste of his life...I love to read!

#8 - Dancing Nancies - Dave Matthews Band. Ahhh...the DMB that I love. I remember when I used to take this song very seriously. Could I have been anyone other than me? I remember when I used to hear the line, "23 and so tired of life" and wonder what I would feel like at 23. Now 23 seems like forever ago.

#9 - Round Here (live) - Counting Crows. This is just remarkable...another top 5 favorite song. I am obsessed with this song, again. I think the lyrics are just amazing, and the acoustic version is amazing. I fight tears at the end often. It's one of the songs where I just want to close my eyes through the whole song. I actually took the time to listen to the whole song before moving on (and sang along with headphones in my ears).
I walk in the air, between the rain, through myself and back again. Where? I don't know.

#10 - Tomorrow Morning - Jack Johnson. I think I wore out this cd when we first got it. We discovered Jack on our favorite radio station (the Sound) at the Outer Banks. This song is just a fun beach and driving song.

#11 - Trouble - Coldplay. Another cd I listened to over and over and over.
Oh no, I see a spiderweb that's tangled up with me. I lost my head, thought of all the stupid things I've said...I never meant to cause you trouble. I never meant to do you wrong. Oh, and if I ever caused you, I never meant to do you harm.

I can only think of a few songs I really would have liked to hear more. I am impressed by how representative the 11 (of 791) are to my general music tastes.

Well that was fun. Now show me yours!


Nathan said...

1. Ode to a Butterfly - Nickel Creek

Thile makes this look so easy on his how-to-play-the-mandolin DVD...the big jerk.

2. Ready for Anything - Chris Thile

Speak of the devil...

3. Fall Line - Jack Johnson

4. Shallow - Porcupine Tree

5. Clocks - Coldplay

6. Staple it Together - Jack Johnson

7. Beauty and the Mess - Nickel Creek

8. Symbol in My Driveway - Jack Johnson

9. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson

10. Happy Ever After (Every Now & Then) - Jimmy Buffett

This particular playlist is very saturated with Nickel Creek, Thile, Jack Johnson, and Porcupine Tree. I may do this again once I switch to one that's a little more eclectic.