Sunday, March 4, 2007

fish 'n chips

Fish and chips at the Pub! I decided to take Sundays off (training and eating well), so I had great fried fish and french fries. I am very impressed with the remainder of my "day off" choices. Egg beater pita for breakfast and a small bowl of Wheat Chex for dinner. So not a bad day.

I signed up for my first race! But it is mainly for the t-shirt...I won't be able to run 2 miles straight in two weeks. But the event welcomes you to "run, walk, or shuffle" and I plan on shuffling, doing my workout for that day at the event. Who wouldn't want a shirt from the Shamrock Shuffle? It'll be the day after Nate gets back from Atlanta, so it will be a fun way to spend a St Paddy's day morning.

It's interesting that I've got running shoes (two pair now) and recovery shoes (I love my crocs) and I am still obsessed with running shoes in stores. I guess that shows that I am enjoying this running thing!

Week 2 day 3 tomorrow! I can't wait!


TK said...

Did you partake in the goat cheese? And why do you need two pairs of shoes?

Krissie said...

Of course...but no banana cheesecake this time...a girl can only be so gluttonous.

2 pair of shoes, you ask? To rotate, of course. Actually, one were a free replacement pair from Nike.

(and don't forget a pair of crocs for recovery)