Tuesday, June 17, 2008

as small as I feel

Well, I've spent 10 minutes trying to load up the picture from "map my run" without success. So I just quit. It's not that important. And the landscape looks nothing like the picture I had. Anywho, this is what is important.

Nathan and I went on a 5K walk tonight. I left my phone on stopwatch right inside the front door. From door to door (counting locking and unlocking the door), we were gone for 1 hour and 17 seconds. We pretty much rock.

The really good news is that I did well with pizza for lunch (check out my food blog for more details). And I am excited and motivated for the first time in a long time...even after a 10 hour day at work. Oh yeah.

So that's all I know today. Ate mostly well. Long walk. Going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I've slowly been working my way up to 5k walks and now I feel I'm totally addicted to them. On nights when my husband and I *don't* take our walk, I'm totally disappointed.

I'm so glad to hear you've gotten your mojo back! Hang on to that motivation, girl!



This just in: Krissie has her groove back!