Sunday, June 8, 2008

and a halo on my head

Another rant is coming, just be warned.

You know, I am really tired of hearing how urban sprawl is so bad. How Lexington has the biggest Carbon Footprint of any city in the U.S. How people should just move back downtown.

Just so you know, I would if I could.

$135k for a 578 square foot loft?

$185k for 885 square foot of part of a house?

$259k for a 1500 square foot "apartment unit"?

Wanna know why we live on the outskirts? Because it's all we can afford without having to put our bed in the kitchen.



Jeez Krissie, you're like, soooo selfish! Anybody who's ANYBODY is putting their bed in the kitchen. Added bonus? Extra counter space! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yep. Austin is the same way. Insane.


Mary said...

Good point. I love living downtown though... I enjoy walking and using public transportation. But you are right - its way too expensive. I can't afford it.

Mindy said...

Pantrypuff, it is ironic that you say that because Lexington wants to be just like Austin when it grows up :)

Trisha J. said...

You know what my dad says? "Your halo is held up by your horns!!" :-)