Saturday, June 7, 2008

with a glass for you to fill

So this morning I was feeling particularly gross. There's always one day of my cycle that is the worst. That day is today. I decided I needed some things to make me feel pretty. Some bronzer, maybe some new nail polish, maybe even lipstick. I really wanted to see as few people as possible, so I decided to avoid the Wal-Mart/Meijer/Target crowds and instead I went to Walgreens.

Never again.

As I go through the front door, I am accosted by a woman informing me that body sprays were 2 for $9. Did I want to smell them? Let her tell me about all the summer scents! Blah blah blah.

And then? No sooner have I politely made my way past her than I am approached by yet another saleswoman - literally about 5 steps later - asking me if I need a basket (I have nothing in my hands yet). I politely say no. No more than a minute later (still in the same aisle!) the original lady asks me if I need help finding anything. Um, I'm standing still in front of a rack of fingernail polish...I think I have a handle on things. Geesh.

So, fingernail polish and bronzer in hand, I make my way to the second aisle and am trying to decide if I want to change from the usual Ponds face wipes to the Dove ones when I hear a loud, "Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am?" increasing in intensity each time. I turn around, shocked that this could be directed at me. "I can check you out over here when you are ready!" I roll my eyes and was d.o.n.e.

I put back my unnecessary purchases. I pick up my "girl stuff," toilet paper, and iTunes card. As I check out with the only cashier who didn't harrass me, a previous harrasser gives me a sad look - like I broke her heart by not going through her line.


So much for the lack of interaction...


Trisha J. said...

Sounds like your week has been like my week! I have been so irritated with EVERYONE! And it doesn't help when those around me are irritated too and we all start complaining! We encourage each other in our grumpiness!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- Walgreens?? I've found the makeup people to be a little pushy there sometimes, but mostly they ignore me. Which I like. How incredibly annoying...


Lora said...

You should've gone to Walmart. They go out of thier way NOT to help you there!