Monday, May 5, 2008

I know you have time to love me

Today I have a terrible case of the LBGs (loose bubbly guts). It has resulted in a necessary sick day today. Nathan is joking me that I am going to poop myself into a coma. I sure hope not.

I have spent my morning so far ripping recipes out of magazines in order to simplify my kitchen. It is being overtaken by back issues of many magazines. I still cannot bring myself to get rid of my Rachael Ray or FOOD. But I'm doing well with Real Simple, Clean Eating, Southern Living, Cooking Light, and Body+Soul.

I will also share some highlights from the blogs that I read today:

Scale Junkie is giving away a bike!

FertileHealthy is on her way to ephiphany. My favorite quote from the post sounds just like me. "Despite my emphatic declarations last week, I haven’t really got off my ass yet." You have friend in me.

What are y'all doing today? Any good ideas for my I-Must-Stay-Within-10-feet-of-a-Bathroom day?


Super Healthy Kids said...

Sounds awful! Reminds me of the day I was "prepping" for a colonoscopy and didn't think I also needed the day BEFORE the procedure off of work. Needless to say, I left early at the request of my co-workers so I could "prep" in the comfort of my own bathroom.


Bubbly guts is the most disgusting phrase I've ever heard. It is also my new favorite description because DUDE? Yes. Been there, done that, bought the Charmin.

I am jealous of your sick day though, because it was my first day back to the office after more than a week of vacation and yeah, I'm so totally over my job.

Feel better!

Token Fat Girl said...

ha! bubbly guts, oh my. I hope you feel better!

nathan said...

Wow, you people really do share everything.

Hanlie said...

Oh, I hope you feel better by now! You have my sympathy!

And I STILL haven't done much... except twist my ankle. It's not so bad that I can't walk, but I think I should rest it some more. Be sure to read my post of today to appreciate the irony in that statement!

Felicia said...

Yikes! Hope you are feeling better!!