Tuesday, May 20, 2008

are you strong enough to bend?

Hello all.

I am foul today.

A co-worker has gotten a big promotion that I thought was mine. BIG promotion.

And what am I doing to celebrate my failure? Well, I ate crustless quiche and a great salad. And now we're gonna take a walk (to earn bonus points from my lack of exercise yesterday) and then do the 4-Mile video from my challenge.

Because, despite my tendency to not be recognized at work, I still rock.




Bummer about the lack of promotion but I'm glad you're taking care of yourself in a healthy way. I'm proud of you (and keeping my fingers crossed a bigger and better promotion is coming your way).

Hanlie said...

Yes you do! And you're worth it, despite what THEY say!

Super Healthy Kids said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I would have totally gone the other way and pigged out. Way to be strong!

MaryFran said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the no go on the promotion. BUT your reaction to it (eating healthy, exercising and working to make a better you) is totally inspiring! You do rock!

Trisha J. said...

ugh I completely know how that feels! And so does my hubby. Sometimes it feels so unfair and who are these people that they get everything???? I get scraps???? LOL (bitter anyone???) Good for you for doing the right thing. hope it all works out for you.

Token Fat Girl said...

You do rock very much! Sometimes when something doesn't happen like we expect, its usually best that it didn't. Or it means something better is coming :)