Monday, April 28, 2008

crooked souls trying to stay up straight

I am still not really feeling clarity about what my blog should be - and I am still struggling with an inability to commit to my weight loss/health journey.

But I love my fellow bloggers. And I feel guilty for reading and not producing reading material.

So I decided to go back to a true and trusted friend: iPod Roulette.

Hit shuffle. Admit to the first 10 songs that pop up. Here goes.

1. Shadow Proves the Sunshine - Switchfoot. Such a great song. Second Switchfoot favorite only to Daisy. I always imagined this would be an awesome song to run to. I haven't found out - yet.

2. Wasting Time - Jack Johnson. This song was our introduction to the great Jack (although we were severely disappointed by his latest cd). This song will always remind me of driving along old 12 at the Outer Banks.

3. Steven's Last Night in Town - Ben Folds Five. Such a fun song with the piano and the clarinet and the ringing phone at the end...

4. She's Gone - Hall and Oates. One of the best late-night-driving-with-the-windows-down songs ever. This song will always be one of the many that I associate with high school and the four of us...even though I graduated in 1996.

5. Once Upon a Time - Buscuit Burners. We saw them at Woodsongs a few weeks ago. A strange mix of bluegrass and Middle Eastern. But tons of fun. They are from Asheville. 'Nuff said.

6. Lord, Save Me from Myself - Jon Foreman. Oh my. This (so far) 3 EP set from the lead of Switchfoot is amazing. Such heavy rotation in my car right now. I need to throw myself into an attitude of humbleness and listening, and these cds put me there.

7. Hold You in My Arms - Ray LaMontagne. I would have preferred his cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, but this will do. He is another one of my newer favorites. Good stuff.

8. Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson. We are so fragile. Sing it, Ingrid. (My Farley Cat just walked across the computer without touching a single key. I was amazed, so I thought I'd share.)

9. All Along the Watchtower - DMB. Best. Cover. Ever. Any version. If you don't know every word, shame on you.

10. You're Beautiful - Paul Wright. Such a great praise song. It keeps me humble too.

What's your random 10? Please share in the comments. I love finding new music...and being reminded of old random favorites!



1. Listen to Her Heart -- Tom Petty
2. Bankrobber -- The Clash
3. Extra Special Guy -- Gomez
4. See You -- Saves The Day
5. Born to Run -- Bruce Springsteen
6. A Peak You Reach -- Badly Drawn Boy
7. Don't Ask Me -- OK Go
8. Angel -- Aerosmith
9. Beep -- The Pussycat Dolls
10.Harder Not That It's Over -- Ryan Adams

Hmm, that's a random mix if I ever did see one! Glad you're back, even if it's just for one post every now and then. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Jeanna said...

I can never resist these things! Great list by the way... especially enjoyed your comments on Jon Foreman's EPs. I can't get enough of them. What a talented man.

1. Shadow Proves the Sunshine (Remix) - ha how ironic that I got this first as well! This is the remixed version of the song...definitely a departure from the orginal. It's more...peppy.

2. Untitled 7 - Sigur Ros - Beautiful, beautiful music. I'm eternally thankful to Jon Foreman for getting me into this band.

3. More That Fine - Switchfoot - This song completey changed my whole attitude and will always mean alot to me.

4. Frame By Frame - The Honorary Title - I love the music of this band. So organic. A perfect compliment to the raw, rough vocals of the lead singer.

5. Am I Wry? No - Mew - Ah Mew. So underrated and so extremely talented. Easily one of the best bands out there right now.

6. I'm Not Sure - Fiction Family - Jon Foreman's side project with Sean Watkins of Nicklecreek. I love this song. It's amazing how relatable it is.

7. She Hangs Out - The Monkees - Ah the 60s! Love it.

8. Suspicious Minds - Elvis - Who doesn't love Elvis?

9. I Like What You Say - Nada Surf - I love the lyrics to this song. Revolutionary.

10. Equally Skilled - Jon Foreman - Sometimes I wish Jon would put out a full CD of singing Bible verses. He makes them so meaningful.

nathan said...

I was in the midst of a shuffle, but I restarted just for this.

1. Solsbury Hill: Peter Gabriel
2. Inaudible Memories: Jack Johnson
3. Solar: Bela Fleck
4. Lose This Life: Tait
5. Daisy: Switchfoot (there you go, Krissie)
6. Resurrection: Paul Wright
7. Prelude No. 2 BWV 847: Bela Fleck
8. Fly: Jars of Clay
9. Paganini: Allegro Vivace...(this is a really long title so I'm stopping with that): Bela Fleck
10. Last Words: Thousand Foot Krutch

This is by no mean an accurate representation of my iPod...let me try again.

1. Indian War Whoop - John Hartford (from O Brother Where Art Thou)
2. Interlude for Ten Strings - The Ditty Bops
3. Strip the Soul - Porcupine Tree
4. Dam That River - Alice in Chains (my most favorite band in the whole world...up until about 3 or 4 years ago.)
5. The Oaf - Big Wreck
6. Dodo - Dave Matthews
7. Havana Daydreamin' - The Bluegrass Band (bluegrass tribute to Jimmy Buffett)
8. School Boy Heart - Jimmy Buffett
9. The Next Best Thing - The Ditty Bops
10. Don't Chu-Know - Jimmy Buffett

I don't know what's up with all the Buffett, and I don't understand why there isn't any Nickel Creek and / or Chris Thile material since that makes up about half of what I've got on this thing. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

1. Let You Down - P.O.D.
2. King of Glory (Wow Worship Aqua)
3. Changing World -Kutless
4. Break our Hearts - Passion Worship Band (The Road to One Day)
5. Compelled, Sara Groves
6. Track 10 off of Legacy (no title - oops) Amy Grant
7. Better - Plumb
8. Faithful One (Change my heart oh God, volume 2)
9. Stay - 12 Stones
10 - 4 seasons, winter -- Baby Einstein Lullabye Classics

Huh- never done that before. Pretty neat!

By the way- I gave you an award on my blog! Come visit-

:) Meredith

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I miss you when you don't blog! Glad to see a post again!