Tuesday, March 25, 2008

remember to always think twice

Brief thoughts:

  • Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my grandfather. He avoided pacemaker surgery, but he had exploratory surgery yesterday. It may be cancer, it may be infection - we won't know for a few days still. But he was in great spirits and hilarious with bathroom humor. It was great to see him. I also think that my grandmother has made peace with his health, and that makes me feel more okay with everything.
  • Papaw's big request this weekend was for the grandkids to still have Easter dinner. As the oldest grandchild, and one of the only 3 granddaughters, that job fell to me. With one evening to plan and picky country eaters, we ended up with ham, green beans, baked beans (with lots of brown sugar) and macaroni and cheese. I realized that not only do I hate to eat like that, I hate to cook like that.
  • Between Easter dinner and Nathan's mom's sweets, I decided not to weigh yesterday.
  • I haven't been to the gym since last Tuesday. And I didn't go tonight. Even though Nathan did. He's actually there right now.
  • We don't have a fridge yet at work - or at least that's the excuse I'm using for eating lunch out. I had a personal sized pizza today. Did I mention that I ate exactly half of it? I'll take any small victories where I can get them.
  • I don't know what to do to get back to where I was when I was eating well and exercising and (surprise!) losing weight. I spend all day on my feet. All. day. I am so physically exhausted when I get home. And, as is, I get up at 6 so exercising in the morning is not an option for me. I'm not even motivated by television any more. Any brilliant ideas? I'll try anything!



I'm glad Grandad made it through the weekend with good spirits intact. Keep us posted on how he's doing.

As for the exercise -- the only thing that works for me is scheduling it in during the beginning of the week. I look at my schedule and I pick three days that I can go to the gym and I write it in. With ink. And it's non-negotiable. Tonight I wanted to sit on the couch and watch movies but when 8 P.M. rolled around I forced myself to go to the gym because my schedule said I had to. You wouldn't skip out on a work meeting you had scheduled, would you? Think of going to the gym as working hard to get a raise, in a world where a "raise" is super hot jeans from The Gap.

Holly said...

It's really tough to fit in any exercise when you are working like that... can you try some exercise DVDs at home in the evening? And maybe packing yourself some healthy lunchs for work would help to. After all, not everything needs to be refrigerated. You can do it girl!

Trisaratops said...

I'm keeping your hilarious Pawpaw in my thoughts - I hope you get results soon.

I think it is legitimate to sometimes skip exercise when you are physically and mentally exhausted from work. I would just suggest to work it in on the weekends, and if you can bear to take a walk afer work, do that. Even if you aren't on the elliptical for an hour, it is something that will get your body moving, and your mind clearing. And go easy on yourself, because you are adapting to a new schedule.

Marianna said...

Your grandfather and family are in my prayers as well. There is definite peace in knowing that God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, holds our lives in His hands.

As for exercise, I also find that scheduling it in during the week helps. In all honesty, whether it's planned or not, it's still a challenge at times to do it. The key for me is taking things on a daily basis. As the "all-or-nothing" kind of girl I tend to be, I think that if I can't exercise for 60 minutes straight for five or six days a week then I may as well not even bother at all. That mindset, in my case, can lead to weeks of no exercise because a) I get frustrated that I can't fit that hour into my schedule and b)my frustration leads to "just forget it then."

So I'm realizing that even 10-15 minutes is better than nothing at all. Depending on the day, I can't dedicate that blessed hour to working out, but I can squeeze in some type of activity where possible and make better, more active choices (i.e. stairs vs. elevator).

Sarah P said...

I am glad your grandfather is doing well.

I wish I had some advice but I am in the same boat! I don't get up until 7:00 and by the time I get home at 7:00 at night I am worn out as well! I am hoping when it starts getting warmer I can take walks with the kids but it's just so hard! (My husband works 2nd shift so I am a single parent at night which is A LOT of my problem I think.) Hang in there!

Felicia said...

Sending positive *its all good* thoughts your Grandpas way.

Hope you have a great week!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Just take Baby steps. You will get back into a routine before you know it.
I exercise at night, because that is what works for me. Maybe you could try doing it 4 days a week making two of those over the weekend? Then you wouldn't be killing yourself everynight when your exhausted.

Sorry to hear about the grandpa. I hope surgery went well.

Poonie said...

I'm a little out of the loop lately, sorry to hear about Grandpa and glad he is holding up.

Good to also see you are still kicking ass! Keep up the good work!