Thursday, March 20, 2008

it's who you're with that really matters

All I have to say is that I have awesome people in my life.

Let me tell you why my husband is awesome. He totally rocked dinner tonight. (Check it out here.) He went to the store, and then he ran the grill. While at the store, he also decided to buy goodies for the food pantry at church. Did he get crap? No. He bought organic applesauce. He cares enough about little kids he doesn't know that he will buy them organic applesauce. Yes, I know I am the luckiest girl alive.

I also love my dear buddy, Kent, whose picture will not be posted today due to inappropriate text messages. Not only do I roll my eyes, but I keep the world from seeing you. (Ha!)

I love my blog buddies too! It is so strange how I know people that I have never seen. Tonight we were hosts to the lovely Sarah. It was so good to see you! I hope we didn't keep you out too late!

I know how incredibly blessed I am. We need to plan a trip to Ohio soon...

We are going home-home for the weekend (ie staying with parents), so I don't know what blogging will be like, but I'll be back on Monday at the latest!

Have a happy Easter!


Nikki said...

Yay, Ohio!

It would be fun to do a tennessee/ky/ohio meeting of the weight loss bloggers at some point!

Amuldoon said...

Have a wonderful weekend Krissie!


kent said...

Your mom sends inappropriate text messages.

Kim said...

How nice that you two got to meet each other!! :)

I've got a post up where I "tagged" you. :)

Cherry Dolphin said...

How sweet of your husband! That is so very thoughtful of him... not only to think of buying something for the church pantry, but to buy something HEALTHY. You have a great one there - and kudos to you for seeing that! :)