Saturday, March 1, 2008

both of our hands

It is so good to feel better! It was also a sunny, not-cold day here in Kentucky. We joined with our pal, Kent, and took a short drive today to the town we moved from. We spent the day at Shaker Village. (Seriously, check out the link - it is beautiful.)

Here we are in one of our famous arm-length shots...
And here are a few scenery shots.

And I have about a thousand pictures of building interiors, but this one is one of my favorites and I take the same picture each time I go.
We had such a great day!

We went to church tonight, and I have a lot to share. But I'll do that tomorrow. I don't have time tonight - we're getting ready to go to the gym!

Oh, and check my food and recipe blogs. I'm updating them right now!


amroache said...

Those are great pictures.

I love Lexington the spring, I cannot wait to go biking out in Jacobson Park.

Scale Junkie said...

beautiful pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nikki said...

I am going to a design conference in Shaker Village in October. I'm very excited. My husband is from KY and just raves about that place. I'm surprised we've never made a day trip out of it! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Cammy said...

Ooh, I went to that village. Your pictures captured the beauty of it perfectly! Thank you!

Teale said...

First of all, I love those pictures. Second, did I know you lived in Kentucky? I'm in Illinois:)