Thursday, February 7, 2008

she parks her car outside of my house

What I Learned from my 3-Week Unemployment

Installment 4

What I Learned about Me

I had a great time being off work.

It was a great time of introspection. (There's the therapist in me!)

I learned that there is a wonderful blogging community that both inspires me and keeps me accountable.

I learned that I love the feeling of having leftovers put away and the kitchen being cleaned immediately after eating.

I learned that if there is closed caption on the tv on the elliptical machine, it makes me nauseaus.

I learned that my arms are pretty stinking strong.

I learned that I have a need to do something professionally. I have always thought that I could stay at home and be lazy all day. Any more time unemployed and I would have volunteered somewhere.

I learned that I can do what I set my mind to. I have discovered the chocolate chips Nathan hid, and have not had any! I have spent a great amount of time at the gym because I didn't give myself the choice to back out.

I learned that I can be incredibly motivated by stickers.

I learned that I really am a pretty good cook and my cooking instincts are trustworthy.

I have learned that I deserve to be healthy and happy.

And I'm going after it!


Heather said...

you know, all of these installments are making me want to quit my job right now, lol!

Kelly said...

I think I need to get some stickers!

Lori said...

You used your time away from work so constructively! I've loved these posts! I hope your week of training is going well!

Kim said...

I am so happy for all of the changes that you have made!! :)


Even though my job drives me insane sometimes I think it would be a whole lot worse if I didn't have to work. But spending large chunks of time volunteering sounds good too. Especially if the volunteering took place in the afternoon so I could sleep in. :)

Hanlie said...

Time spent discovering oneself is never time wasted!

Amuldoon said...

Way to rock it out Krissie.

Frig. You are one awesome chick.

And for the record, when I stated that I was in love with nathan... it was merely a reaction to the goosebumps that I got reading your post. I loff my Andrew! ;)