Saturday, February 9, 2008

all with strawberry curls

Okay, so I have a confession.

I wasn't going to tell you about it, but Nathan says I have to.

But first...

Yesterday was an awesome day. (Just check out Tryin' on a Brand New Dress). I ate well. We split an awesome piece of organic carrot cake. I found a comfy pair of brown flats. I bought an awesome suitcase for my trip that will actually hold 10-days-worth of my stuff. We went to the gym. It was a good workout and I am looking forward to today's.

My confession?

I stepped on the scale yesterday.

I had not been "good" while staying with my parents. I hadn't exercised in four days. I thought stepping on the scale would show a gain and I would be accountable for it and move on. I thought of all the bloggers who have said that without the scale, they lose their accountability.

I decided I needed to do it. I needed to know. It wasn't a mindless thing, it was a decision. A decision I seriously pondered over.

And I lost. I'm not going to tell you how much because, honestly, I don't remember what the number was. I know what the number in my little scale-free picture says, I stepped on the scale with that number in mind. I saw a smaller number, felt very guilty, and jumped right off.And I have not been on the scale since.

So Nathan will hide the scale (but not with the chocolate chips - I know where they are!) and back on plan I will be.

I have also made the decision to grow out my hair. It will be a long, painful, not always pretty process. But I’m honestly gonna try. I may need your support on that as well.

Geez, I’m awful needy!


Felicia said...

WOW sounds like you did have a great day yesterday!!!Good luck with growing your hair out! I totally understand what a process that can be!

Have a SUPER weekend!!



Girl, you're a rock start! Keep busting butt and congrats on the loss! Have a safe trip to Atlanta and let us know how things go.

Good luck with the hair growth; as someone with short hair I know what a huge pain it can be to try growing it out -- I get the urge to cut every five weeks or so and that's just to main the current style.

Hanlie said...

Funny you should mention growing out your hair... I've been toying with the idea, but I know it's always a nightmare. My hair is so straight and thick, that it just lies there. Plus, it's very convenient to have it short when you're working out every day. And I'll probably have to buy a hairdryer. I'll think about it towards winter!

But of course we'll support your hair growth effort. "Cause you're worth it!"

justoofat said...


Every time I step on the scale now I think about you and your scale free month and how strong you are and how I could never be that strong... and you know what? Your confession only makes you seem stronger and braver to me. Starting a new job is stressful. Being away from home and your husband is stressful. Being out of your routine is stressful. Top that with taking the scale out of your field of vision for a whole month??? Seriously, short hair, long hair, or somewhere in between, you rock.


Lori said...

I think wanting to step on the scale is perfectly natural given you had a week that was away from home and not your normal routine. It's great to know that all of your focus prior to that week helped out in an "off" week schedule-wise. Because those kinds of weeks are going to happen! Keep it up and have a safe trip and a good week!

Anonymous said...

December 2006 I made a vow I would lose 100 pounds and grow my hair out. Well, I've lost 85 pounds and my hair has grown out. I'm very proud!! I know you can do it. I loved your hair long, but it looks great short too. Keep up the hard work.

Scale Junkie said...

I'd get on the scale too if I could but I don't know where it is. Don't beat yourself up over it, just smile that it was kind to you and get back to doing what you do best!

As for growing out your hair, just get some cute clips to clip it or a head band so when you work out its not in your face and it will be fine. Trust me!

I'm seriously drooling over the banana chocolate chip cake. I'd make it but I know I'd eat too much of it. WAY too much of it.

Lorrie-token fat girl said...

Ooo as someone who had really short hair for a very long time (junior year of highschool and through all of college) and now has long hair, I'd have to say...don't cut it. Wow, thats so obvious. That is a big deal for me as I cut my own hair and always always wanted to hack some hair off my head.
Moving to ny helped me for some reason, I stopped thinking about my hair as something I cut but rather something I let grow.
So I guess my best advice is to forget about your hair. Pretend its not there waiting to get cut. It took about a year for my hair to grow out past my shoulders.
You're headed into a new chapter of your professional life, perhaps that could be the jumping off point for your long hair.
And ps: The middle point is the hardest, once you're past the midday point between short hair and long hair, you'll make it!

Sarah P said...

Thanks for telling us- think if you had not told us you would have felt so guilty :)

We will be there for you with the hair growth- and of course we will need to see photos :)

Julia said...

He he... good on you for getting back on track (with the plan). A sneaky weigh in is forgivable, I am glad that Nat made you confess. From everything I read about Nat he seems like a pretty cool guy! Go Nat!