Tuesday, January 15, 2008

shed some light on me please

Unemployed day #2. I spent today cleaning out the cabinets and the pantry and doing tons of laundry. I also got my hair cut and the oil changed in the car. Tomorrow I have 2 interviews. Hopefully one of them will pan out into a job. I thought I would enjoy the time between jobs, but I feel guilty for being home while Nate's at work and then there's the whole not-bringing-in-an-income thing.

I am looking forward to my evening. 2 hours at the gym during the Biggest Loser. The plan is 60 minutes on treadmill and 60 on the bike. Or maybe I'll spend part of that on the elliptical-gazelle machine. (I really need to find out what it's called.) Who knows. I just know that I've looked forward to working out all day. I didn't go during the day 'cause I wanted to wait until Nathan came home to go with him.

I was mad that Oprah wasn't doing a health show today. Darn her. But something said during the show yesterday really stuck with me. One of the guests said, "It's the things you do repeatedly, not occassionally, that determine who you are." I like that a lot. If I eat healthy most of the time, then that's who I am. If I'm active most of the time, that's who I am. I am so prone to polar thinking, and that if I'm "bad" then I might was well just quit. But that's not who I am today. I am being healthy.

I read on a blog somewhere today (I am SO SORRY I don't remember who...Comment and I'll give you credit! EDIT: It was Hanlie at FertileHealthy. Check out the post here.) that the good habits are crowding out the bad habits. So my healthy eating doesn't leave room for the bad foods that I used to love. My habit of exercising and blogging are crowding out the laziness. I am a new person most of the time. And that's good enough. I'm never going to be perfect. But I can be healthy repeatedly, and let that crowd out my mistakes. That's why I just had Nathan hide the bag of chocolate chips.

Breakfast: A Clif bar and 1 cup of 2% milk.

Lunch: The last of the Tomato and Beef Stew (how incredibly sad I am!) and 1.5 cups of milk.

Dinner: Black Bean and Sausage Soup with corn relish and sour cream.

I didn't take pictures of about a 1/4 cup of chocolate chips, but I should have. I am so embarrassed. But they're hidden now. (And here's a picture from Google, just to keep me honest.)

So wish me luck on the interviews tomorrow morning!


Shannon said...

I love that quote!!! Good luck on the interviews tomorrow. And enjoy your gym time! Wow, 2 hrs, that is serious!

Linds said...

That is a fantastic quote... I'll have to remember that! Congrats on the loss! 9.8 lbs in 2 weeks is FANTASTIC!!

Best of luck on your interview's tomorrow :)


I agree - awesome quote. Good luck tomorrow!

justoofat said...

"I am a new person most of the time. And that's good enough. I'm never going to be perfect. But I can be healthy repeatedly, and let that crowd out my mistakes."

I love this part of your post. I think it is a truly healthy way to look at the transformation you are undergoing. I may have to get a tattoo or something that says this. *wink* In the meantime, best of luck today!


Hanlie said...

That was me! It really works. And the best part is that you're not "giving up" things, you're gaining health.

I love the quote from Oprah's guest. It rings true.

Good luck with your interviews!

Amuldoon said...

Hey there Krissie.. I missed you guys too!

I gotta admit, you are totally friggin kicking @ss lady! I was just catching up on your blog, and holy frig.. you're the breath of fresh air I need after returning from 3 weeks of completely off track eating. Your discipline and diligence is so inspiring. YOU ROCK!

JJ said...

Have you tried Luna bars yet?

I don't know about most people but I like them more than Cliff bars. Especially the fruit and nut kind.

Lidian said...

What a great quote. Thanks for sharing it. And your meals look so yummy - I love black bean soup!

Good luck on those interviews - do let us know how they go.