Thursday, January 24, 2008

i have my reasons why

Today, Cammy at the Tippy Toe Diet posted her Motivaton List. And that got me thinking. Why am I doing this?

  • I want to feel strong.
  • I hate HATE being a snorer. There's only so much mocking I can take.
  • I want to be a runner. And collect 5K t-shirts.
  • I want to be a Mom someday.
  • I want to take classes at the gym. I'm way too self-conscious for that now.
  • I want to buy clothes that fit, not just grab the biggest size Old Navy carries and hope that it fits.
  • I want to buy vacation clothes like Angie's.

Maybe in a few days I'll dig out my list from this time last year (I know generally where it is) and maybe make a few additions.

I got my New Employee packet for my new job today. I start work February 4th. I get to train in a town close to my hometown (about 2 hours from my house) so I'll be staying with my parents for that week. I'm a little bummed to leave Nate for a week, but I'm excited to see my old friends, maybe go to the gym with my brother, and cook with my parents.

I spent an hour on the treadmill today. I was really sore from the weight lifting yesterday. I tried this new chicken recipe today. Nathan's tummy was very happy. I'm getting ready to make some figure-friendly cupcakes. I need more calories today, and what better way to get them than from chocolate! (I know there are many better ways, but I have been so good!)

I'm so bummed there's no new Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. I'm just so lost!


Amuldoon said...

You're so great Krissie.... :)

You totally made me giggle when you commented like I post today! I assure you, I'm capable of writing a paragraph. :)

Cammy said...

Thanks for the nod. I love your list! One of the reasons I started working with a personal trainer was to learn how to exercise, so that when I showed up at my gym (which should be opening in a few days), I would appear minimally capable. :)

Lori said...

You are exercising for 2 hours at a time...I'm sure you would do just fine in a class if that's what you want to do!!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Those are great reasons! Someone advised me to make sure I did my first 5k with a t-shirt, so I did. Unfortunately, the t is really ugly! Lol

I highly recommend Couch to 5k, which has helped me and several other people I know get into running successfully/without injury.

S said...

I have a lot of those same motivations. I really want to be a runner as well and start collecting those 5k t-shirts! :) Congrats on your new job. How nice that you have a few days off to enjoy yourself without the pressure of looking for a job.

I hear you about Grey's Anatomy. I'll miss it so much. This writers' strike is a HUGE bummer. I am really psyched though that LOST is starting next week!!

Cherry Dolphin said...

Wonderful reasons!! Good luck at your new job - How exciting! :)

Lora said...

I can so relate to the snoring thing! You have great reasons to press on! You'll do it!

IAAdmin said...

Great list........but, I think #1 is a done deal. Just by posting your blog, you've shown your inner strength. (And for a more practical reason, you were able to eat chocolate, in a reasonable portion).

Good luck with your new job.

Hanlie said...

I love this list and am going to give it some serious thought (I don't want to leave anything out!)

And ditto on Angie's vacation clothes! I even showed my husband all the thing she'd ordered, wistfully saying that I want to get there too!

Our next season's Grey's Anatomy starts in February, but last night was the start of Private Practice. I liked it!

Lynn said...

I love this list idea, I'm going to make one of my own! Thanks for sharing.

EVA said...

hey!! that's my list! so weird. i honestly could have wrote that...and right on about angie's clothes!

Lidian said...

Great list! And good luck wit the new job...I find Old Navy pant sizes really odd, though I like a lot of the clothes. They are odd for girls pants sizes too, I think. Don't know why!

Mary said...

I love your list. Especially the part about collecting 5k shirts. That is one of my reasons as well. I am always jealous of my friend that wears hers from all sorts of races from all around the world.

Julia said...

Love the list... good luck collecting the 5k t-shirts!

Have a great week :)