Sunday, January 27, 2008

I fall down sometimes, but I'm not letting go

I had a little bit of a hard day today. We went to church, good sermon. We ate lunch, where Nate and I split a single-serving pizza and a salad. We walked around Sam's, where I avoided all tasting stations.

Then we stopped by Kent's house, passing a Panera on the way. I love Panera. I am specifically drawn to their I.C. Mocha, which I believe I have referenced in previous posts. They are my krypotnite. My Starbucks drink times 10. My Achille's heel. You get my drift.

And on the way home from Kent's, I stopped and got one. Nathan asked me, "Are you sure you want one?" And I did. And it was wonderful. And then we came home and took a big nap. A two hour nap.

I thought I was recovering from yesterday's exhaustion, but that was just plain silly. Chocolate craving. Big nap. Several weeks from the last dots on my calendar. Yep, PMS is in full swing.

What's really interesting to me is that this is the first time in years that I have noticed any difference in my body at any point in my cycle. If I'm not being "good" then I really don't notice cravings and laziness 'cause I used to give in to those all the time, before they had the opportunity to get strong or really be noticed.

So what I'm saying is that I'm content with PMS. I recognize it for what it is. I had an I.C. Mocha and it wasn't the end of the world. (But if you have one and put it into Spark People, just know that the nutrition values need to be changed - the small one is actually 2 servings. I looked it up.)

AND then I fixed quiche (it was awesome!) and rode on the bike at the gym for an hour. I would have gone another hour, but someone was on the only working treadmill (why don't they ever work?) and I was losing feeling in my butt on the bike.

Well, tomorrow is weigh-in, and I really don't know what to expect. My two highest calorie days this week were yesterday and today. I guess we'll see.


Kim said...

I have noticed the same thing with the PMS!!! In fact, it hit me hard tonight as I searched the pantry for something to fill that void. I had thought that my cravings were stronger during my PMS since I've lost weight, but you're right, they are the same as they always were - I've just gotten so used to eating better that now when I crave this junk it seems like such a dramatic shift.

Good for you for seeing it as what it is!! :)


I'm pulling for you tomorrow, girl. Here's hoping we BOTH get smaller numbers tomorrow.

Sarah said...

I totally feel you on the cravings. I think you made very wise choices all day. The food you ate looked amazing and pretty healthy. I too have noticed my cravings intensify around PMS time, especially when I am doing such a good job of eating.

You are doing great. Not matter what the scale says tomorrow I am still proud of you and rooting you on!

Holly said...

Hope your WI goes well tomorrow. It's my WI day tomorrow to and I know it won't be good. Ah well... a bad day here and there is just part of life! And PMS makes the excuse even more valid :)

Hanlie said...

This is such a learning curve. Well done for recognizing the effect PMS has!

Kelly said...

Hi, I came over from Hanlie's blog. I think PMS is what had me "off" last week too.

Good luck with your weigh in.