Wednesday, January 2, 2008

and I'll find my own way out

So today, I still have a job. I am still aggressively in search of a new one, but (as Nathan said) I have a steady income as I search. Unhappy, yes, but avoiding financial ruin. And now for the stuff that's really important: the food.

The New Year Continues!!! UN-Frosted Mini Wheats and 1 cup 2% milk.

Leftover Asian Steak Salad for lunch.

I was really hungry when I got home, so my snack was a banana and 1 cup of 2% milk.

Dinner was Mediterranean Salad with Artichokes, Penne, and Sun Dried Tomatoes. So yummy!!

And then I needed a snack after the gym, and an orange hit the spot!

I am so impressed with how we have been eating. I haven't felt the slightest bit deprived, hungry, or frustrated. I feel like this is the best tasting food I've made in a long time. And taking pictures of everything helps in several ways. First, if I don't want to take a picture of it, then I don't eat it. Second, I take the time to make what I eat pretty and appetizing. It keeps me from eating mindlessly. And boredom eating is definitely my big problem.

It is really cold here! We ran from the truck to the gym...Yes, we drove the pathetic distance to the gym. But we ran in the parking lot! We did the ususal alternating, 30 minutes each on treadmill and bike. I am going to do weights in the morning, but one machine is hard for me to reach, so I did it tonight. I was feeling really stiff when I got home, so I did about 10 minutes of yoga, just to stretch out. I feel much better now. Overall, I feel GREAT. I cannot believe how much stronger I feel after 3 gym days. I am wore down, though. My legs are constantly a great way! I would love to see what I would be capable of if I took a rest day, but I'm not far enough into this to give myself a day off. I'm afraid one day would turn to two. I'm just not ready to break my stride yet!

Nathan plays basketball tomorrow night, and I love cheering him on. Since that will be his workout for tomorrow, I am planning on getting up really early and going to the gym in the morning. No, I'm not planning on it, I'm doing it! I feel so good when I get my exercise in the morning. And tomorrow is going to be a good day!

I'm kinda worried about Friday. I have to leave home around 6, pick up two girls, and take them to court. The last time they went to court, they were there for 8 hours. I like them, and they are fun, but I worry about food. I worry about getting hungry and making bad choices. But I'll eat breakfast on the way there, find something healthy to take for lunch, and cook dinner. I know I'll be fine, but I also know how these girls can eat.

Oh, and you may not have noticed, but I have also made a huge change in my life. I no longer have a daily Starbucks drink. I think I had (at least) one daily for over a year. And I've been free of the refrigerated Starbucks drink for 11 days now. I have had the occassional coffee from the real 'Bucks, but I no longer make my daily Speedway stop!

It's time for me to shower and go to bed so I can be ready for my early morning. Keep it up, ladies! We can do this together!



I just got home from the gym and guuuuuurl I am wiped OUT. But in a good way. And kudos for kicking the 'bucks habit. I've downgraded to coffee and non-fat milk but I miss my caramel macchiatos.

Anonymous said...

I Found your blog from Shannon's Easter challenge.
Your dinner looks very delicious. I will try your recipe soon.
I always find that sleeping early makes me do well the next day on all fronts.
Great meal plan and workout.Keep it up:)

Kathy said...

I feel the same way when I know I will have to post what I've eaten in my really makes me think before I eat. I don't want to admit to screwy choices!

Amuldoon said...

Hey there lady! Look at you go, I'm catching up on blogs this morning as I wait for furniture to arrive.

I just have to ask: UNfrosted Mini Wheats? WTF? This makes me so sad. I love those little frosted buggers! :)

You're kicking ass, way to go!

~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

I just wanted to comment and say how proud I am of you giving up your starbucks drink daily. I think that is wonderful! Keep the pictures coming... it's inspiring to me!