Monday, October 8, 2007

sweet like candy to my soul

30-in-30 Day 5!

30 Points a Day: I haven't counted. But this is what I ate.
Breakfast - Starbucks, banana (6)
Snack - Fiber One bar (2)
Lunch - Lean Cuisine Chicken and Almonds and granola bar (7)
Dinner - Eggs and chicken sausage (8)
Snack - Hummus and crackers (6)
Woot woot!!

30 minutes of exercise: I am really tired today. It's the famous really bad day of the month (do you all have one MOH day that is much worse than the others?). So we cut our walk to about 20 minutes and then went to buy fake pumpkins to carve.

30 minutes of tv: I haven't really watched anything today. The tv has been on, but I've been doing other things. Like now.

$30 on lunches: Not a penny spent, thank you very much. Almost everyone in my office brought their lunch today. It was beautiful.

30 sermons: Still behind. I started one during dinner, and I'll finish it when I clean up the kitchen in a little while.

30 cards: I am going to write one to my co-worker today. She is starting the challenge tomorrow, as it will be her "40-to-40" day. It's so exciting!

30 minutes of Bible/prayer: I got some reading started today, and I'll finish it when I go to bed.


Sarah said...

You are doing so well! I like the DMB title reference tonight :)