Sunday, October 7, 2007

with 2 cats in the yard

I'll give you a 30-in-30 update later, but I just got house pics uploaded, so I thought I'd share.
(EDIT: I was in a hurry earlier. I'm adding captions now!)
This is technically our old house, but this is Scully on the day she was shaved. She's grown out a lot in 3 weeks.
This is our new office/library. This is the only real room downstairs. There's also a 2 car garage down there.Second floor is kitchen/dining room...
and tv room.
Top floor is guest bedroom and bath...
And the sanctuary of our new bedroom!
I am going to work hard on getting caught up today on my plan. You'll hear from me later tonight!



sooo cute! I love your dining room chairs!

marie said...

it's awesome!!!

lainb said...

It's beautiful! I love the wall colors!

Annie said...

very very nice set up, I am jealous!! My place would never look that organised!
might I just add WHOA... shaved cats look really freaky! lol why did you get her shaved?