Friday, October 5, 2007

don't stop believing

Hello bloggers!
I am posting from the comfort of my own home! (Thank you very very nice Windstream man!) We are having dinner at Kent's tonight, and then coming home to pick up to prepare for my parents' visit tomorrow. I'll take and post pictures of our house this weekend!

The 30-to-30 Challenge is doing okay. I'm not doing each and every one of them yet, but I am honestly making an effort to do so. Yesterday, I did the food, the exercise, the Bible reading. Today the food isn't going to happen (Kent's fixing chicken Parmesan), but I am going to listen to a sermon as I pick up when I get home and I have plans to write 2 cards. I am going to have to think of this in terms of averages, and I'll get there.

And this is big for me. I am usually such a black-or-white person. All or nothing. 100% or 0%. Part of who I want to be at 30 is someone who is willing to accept ambiguity. Will I ever be as thin as I want to be? Will I ever be a mom? Will I ever be able to be completely the person I feel I need to be? I don't know. But I can try as hard as I can each day, and be proud and thankful of what I have accomplished.

But right now I have to start some laundry and go hang out with my best buddy.

I can't wait to get caught up with all y'all...and get you caught up on me!



YAY! I'm so glad you're back because I've missed you so much! And you quoted Journey in the blog title, which happens to be my most favoritest band EVER.

Welcome back!

Amuldoon said...

Welcome back Krissy.. missed you!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back... and in your new home! (me too!) Very exciting!

Good luck on your 30 in 30 challenge this month! Maybe by the end of the month they will all be habits and you won't even have to think about doing them, you just will...